1743 - A Map Of The King of Great Britains Dominions In Europe, Africa and North America

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A rare map of the North Sea (Atlantic Ocean) from the Polar Circle to the Equator, showing much of North America, the Caribbean, and parts of Europe and Africa. The detail in the British Colonies in North America includes Carolina, Virginia, Maryland,...


1800 - Oranda shinyaku chikyu zenzu. [The map of the whole world, newly translated from Dutch sources]

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California as an Island, in the 19th century. Fascinating hand-colored woodblock world map, reflecting the antiquated state of geographic knowledge in Edo period Japan. The map, which was printed around 1800, maintains a number of cartographic...


1803 - Western Hemisphere or New World

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Finely executed manuscript small wall map of the Western Hemisphere on original rods, drawn shortly after Cook's last voyage. The map notes Louisiana as still not yet part of the United States. Hawail is shown (Sandwich Islands), with Owyhee named --...


1750 - Amerique

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Interesting map of America from the mid-18th Century. The map illustrates the state of America on the eve of the Seven Years (French & Indian) War.


1760 - America [Manuscript Map Showing the Sea of the West!]

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Decorative manuscript map of America, illustrating the mythical Sea of the West, apparently prepared in Italy. The map includes a marvelously precise hand and wonderful detail, with fine wash colors.


1782 - Carta Del Nuevo Continente Segun su mayor magnitud diametral desde el Rio de la Plata hasta mas alla del Lago de los Asimboiles. Executada en presencia del Conde de Buffon or el Señor Roberto Vaugondy año de 1749 y copiada por D. Juan de la Cruz el de 17

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Rare Spanish edition of De Vaugondy's map of America. The map was apparently created to illustrate a Spanish edition of Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon's natural history. The map credits Juan de la Cruz Cano y Olmedilla, whose 9 sheet map of...


1817 - Franz Dracke (Francis Drake)

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Rare early lithographic portait of the 16th Century explorer, Sir Francis Drake, celebrating his discovery of the Potato, which he brought from America to Europe in 1544. Smaller copies of the 1817 lithographica edition are noted in the Hampton L....


1975 - Turkish Map of America (Decorative Manuscript Map)

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Decorative manuscript map of America, showing California as an island, with decorative embellishments. Maps of this type are typically hand drawn for tourists in Istanbul, using old paper which frequently includes earlier manuscript writing in...


1585 - [Europe, Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the Persian Empire]

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Fascinating early map of Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and part of Persia. The map utilizes a stippled style of oceans most commonly used at the end of the 16th Century by Dutch mapmakers, such as Jodocus Hondius. Unusual projection of the...


1845 - EBPONA (Europe)

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Rare 19th Century map of Europe printed in Athens with Greek text. This attractive map embraces all of Europe Dionysios Pyrros's Atlas neoteros (1845) and Athanasios A. Sakellarios's A tlas geographikos (1870).


1830 - [Asia] (Title in Greek-Turkish Hybrid)

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Scarce map of Asia. The lettering is in Greek, but the word is Turkic.


1917 - [Sinai Peninsula] (Ottoman Turkish Language Sinai and Palestine Campaign Map)

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Ottoman Map Showing A Portion of the Sinai and Palestine Campain and Battle for the Suez Canal During the World War I Rare separately published Ottoman Turkish map of the Sinai Peninsula, illustrating the battles fought during the Sinai Campaign....


1980 - USS Independence CV-62 Battle Group Lant-Indian Ocean Transit Nov / Dec 1980

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Whimsical map depicting the route of the USS Independence, from Norfolk to the Arabian Sea. On November 19, 1980, the USS Independence deployed to the Indian Ocean along with the Harry E. Yarnell (CG-17) and was on watch along with the Ranger on...


1830 - [Okeania] (Greek)

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Scarce Greek language map of Oceana.


1640 - Fac pedem figat, & terram movebit

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Interesting image of a cherub rotating the earth, from a rare Jesuit emblem book, entitled Imago Prrimi Aaeculi Soc. Iesu a Provincia Flandro-Belgica Ejusdejm . . .


1650 - [Assortment of Navigational Tools]

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An intriguing collection of various tools used throughout the seventeenth century for the purposes of navigation and astronomy. This work would have originally accompanied a text documenting the twenty or so images here portrayed. Many figures are...