Frederick De Wit

Frederick De Wit

De Wit (1629 ca.-1706) was a mapmaker and mapseller who was born in Gouda but who worked and died in Amsterdam. He moved to the city in 1648, where he opened a printing operation under the name of The Three Crabs; later, he changed the name of his shop to The White Chart. From the 1660s onward, he published atlases with a variety of maps; he is best known for these atlases and his Dutch town maps. After Frederik’s death in 1706, his wife Maria ran the shop for four years before selling it. Their son, Franciscus, was a stockfish merchant and had no interest in the map shop. At the auction to liquidate the de Wit stock, most of the plates went to Pieter Mortier, whose firm eventually became Covens & Mortier, one of the biggest cartography houses of the eighteenth century.


1670 - Nova Orbis Tabula In Lucem Edita, A.F.de Wit.

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Old color example of Frederick De Wit's striking double hemisphere map of the World, with significantly new cartographic detail in Southeast Asia and to the north of New Zealand. The map shows the Briggs model of California as an island and the...


1690 - [Wall Map] Orbis Terrarum Nova et Accurata Tabula. Auct. G. Valck.

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An Unrecorded Wall Map of the World from the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography. Finely preserved and previously unknown 4-sheet double hemisphere map of the World, intended to be displayed by a 17th Century Aristocrat. In the 17th Century, at the...


1690 - Novissima et Accuratissima Septentrionalis ac Meridionalis Americae Descriptio . . .

  • $9.99

De Wit’s Map of the Americas—The First Dutch Map to Show Five Great Lakes Fine example of De Wit’s map of the Americas, first published ca. 1675. It was the first Dutch map to include all five Great Lakes, an improvement on De Wit’s first map...


1660 - Nova Africa Descriptio . . . 1660

  • $14.99

Rare first state of this decorative map of Africa, published by Frederick De Wit in Amsterdam. The map includes decorative panels showing birdseye views of Alcair, Alexandria, Alger, Tunis, Tanger and Ceuta across the top and 8 costumed figures along...


1675 - Magnum Mare del Zur cum Insula California

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Fine old colored example of first state of De Wit's map of the Pacific Ocean, featuring California as an Island and important early projections of Australia and New Zealand. The finely engraved sea chart was first published in De Wit's Orbis Maritimus...


1672 - Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula.

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Unrecorded 17th Century Wall Map of the World By Cornelis Danckerts Old color example of this unrecorded 4-sheet wall map of the World, published in Amsterdam by Cornelis Danckets. The present example is an extraordinary survival, being the earliest...


1675 - Orientaliora Indiarum Orientalium cum Insulis Adjacentibus a Promontorio C. Comori ad Iapan -- Pascaert van t' Ooster gedeelte van Oost Indien van C. Comorin tot Iapan

  • $14.99

An Important Early Dutch Sea-Chart of Australia, the East Indies and Eastern Part of the Indian Ocean. Stunning original color example of De Wit's map of Australia, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, etc., first issued in 1675. The chart is...


1660 - Nova Europae Descriptio . . .

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Decorative carte-a-figures map of Europe, published by Frederick De Wit. The map includes the cities of Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Seville and Prague across the top, and decorative costumed figures of Europeans at the side borders.


1658 - Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae Nova Descriptio

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First proof state of De Wit's very rare map of the British Isles. De Wit's map is based on Jansson's map of the British Isles. This examples is the first of two proof states with the cartouche blank, as well as certain topographical features and place...


1690 - Scotia Regnum divisum in Partem Septentrionalem et Meridionalem Subdivisas in Comitatus, Vicecomitatus, Provincias Praefecturas Dominia et Insulas . . .

  • $14.99

Fine old color example of De Wit's scarce map of Scotland. The map is hand colored by counties, vice counties and other small political subdivisions, and includes tremendous detail. Decorative cartouche and coat of arms.


1695 - La Ville de Namur avec son Chateau et autres Fortifications | De sterke Stadt Namen met syn Casteel en Andere Fortificatien

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Rare early battle plan of Namur by Frederick De Wit, engraved by Josua Ottens. The map focuses on the town fortifications and also includes details of the town plan, upper and lower town and environs. The primary town gates for each of the roads are...


1688 - Circuli Saxoniae Superiori Pars Meridionalis . . . (Gold leaf highlights)

  • $14.99

A detailed map of a region in eastern Germany. Cartouches depict coat of arms surrounded by cherubs. This map was issued in Wolfgang's "Atlas Minor" which is a compilation of maps originally issued by Blaeu, de Wit, Visscher and others.


1688 - Marchionatus Brandenburgi et Ducatus Pomeraniae Tabula que est pars Septentrionalis Ciruculi Saxoniae Superioris . . . (Gold leaf highlights)

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A detailed map of a region in Northern Germany, including Brandenburg and Pomerania. Cartouches depict coat of arms surrounded by cherubs, with a second cartouche at the bottom. This map was issued in Wolfgang's "Atlas Minor" which is a compilation...


1690 - Holsatiae Tabula Generalis in qua sunt Ducatus Holsatiae, Dithmarsiae, Stormariae, Et Vagriae . . .

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Striking large map, centered on the Hamburg region, showing towns roads, rivers, lakes, islands, etc. Extends north to Sleswygh and east to Lubeck. Large decorative cartouche with a large coat of arms and smaller coats of arms at the top, for each of...


1660 - Poloniae et Silesiae Descriptio . . .

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Fine example of De Wit's rare map of Poland and Silesia, extending north to the Baltic Sea. This is the second state, with "fo. 16" at the top right corner. This the second example of the map we have offered in more than 20 years.


1680 - Regnum Bohemia eique Annexae Provinciae ut Ducatus Silesia, Marchionatus Moravia et Lusatia: quae sunt Terrae Haereditariae Imperiatoris

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Fine old color example of Frederick De Wit's map of Bohemia, Silesia, Moravia and Lusatia. Includes several coats of arms and a decorative cartouche.