Frederick De Wit

Frederick De Wit

De Wit (1629 ca.-1706) was a mapmaker and mapseller who was born in Gouda but who worked and died in Amsterdam. He moved to the city in 1648, where he opened a printing operation under the name of The Three Crabs; later, he changed the name of his shop to The White Chart. From the 1660s onward, he published atlases with a variety of maps; he is best known for these atlases and his Dutch town maps. After Frederik’s death in 1706, his wife Maria ran the shop for four years before selling it. Their son, Franciscus, was a stockfish merchant and had no interest in the map shop. At the auction to liquidate the de Wit stock, most of the plates went to Pieter Mortier, whose firm eventually became Covens & Mortier, one of the biggest cartography houses of the eighteenth century.


1680 - Ducatuum Livoniae, et Curlandiae, Nova Tabula, descripta, Divisa, et edita . . .

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Fine old color map of the Baltic region, covering Estonia and the northern part of Latvia, published in Amsterdam. Includes 2 coats of arms in the cartouche.


1700 - Dominii Veneti in Italia in Partes Accurate divisi ac Statuum Ducum Parmae, Mutinae, Mantuae et Mirandolae, Novissima descriptio edita

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Nice old color example of this decorative map of the region, including much of Northeastern Italy and the Gulf of Venice. Extends from Istria and Ancona to the Gulf of Spezia and the Tirol and Bergamo. Includes Lago di Garda, Verona, Vicenza and...


1680 - Reipublicae Genuensis et Ducatus Mediolanensis Parmensis et Montsferrati Novissima Descriptio

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Decorative map of the Republic of Genoa, and Dutchies of Milan, Parma and Montisferrati and contiguous regions. Includes an elaborate cartouche, incliuding 4 coat of arms.


1680 - Status Ecclesiasticus Magnus Ducatus Thoscanae [Tuscany, Rome, Siena, Pisa, Florence, etc] (Heightened with Gold Leaf!)

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With Gold Leaf added to the Cartouche and Coat of Arms Old Color, gold heighted example of De Wit's detailed map of the State of the Church and Tuscany, with a portion of Corsica to the west. Cartouche depicts cherubs, a merman and coat of arms.


1660 - Mantua

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Scarce birdseye view of Mantua, from a rare Dutch Townbook, pubished by De Wit.


1680 - Accuratissima Domini Veneti In Italia Ducatus Parmae, Placentiae, Modena, Regii et Mantuae Episcopatus Tridentini Tabula quae est Lombardia Inferior . . . (Proof State!)

  • $14.99

Rare early proof state of De Wit's map of the Dominion of Venice, extending from Stato di Milano and Genoa to Istria. This is apparently a very rare early proof state. We note at least 4 states of the map, this early state, with the coats of arms...


1660 - Venetia

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Fine dark example of the left half of this stunning view of Venice and environs, published in Amsterdam by Frederick De Wit. Shows the Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, Ponte Rialto and other major landmarks.


1680 - Regnorum Castellae, Novae, Andalujsae, Granadae, Valentae, et Murciae Accurata Tabula, in Episcopatus etc. divisa edita par Fredericum De Wit…

  • $14.99

Decorative and highly detailed map of Southern Spain, extending from Salamanca and Segovia in the North, to the Gulfs of Valentia, Alicante and Cartgena in the east, the Straits of Gibralter in the South, and Portalegre, Alcantara and Merida in the...


1680 - Regnorum Castellae, Veteris, Legionis, et Gallaeciae Principatumque Biscaiae, et Asturiarum Accuratissima Description Per F: De Wit…

  • $14.99

Decorative and highly detailed map of Northern Spain, extending from Galicia in the west to the Basque Country in the east. Major cities include Bilbao, San Sebastian, Santiago di Compstella, Pontevedra, Finisterre, Coruña, Ferrol, Aviles, Oviedo,...


1680 - Accuratissima Totius Regni Hispaniae Tabula . . .

  • $14.99

Striking full color example of this rare map of Spain, Portugal and the Balearic Islands, published by Frederick De Wit in Amsterdam. The map is colored by the various kingdoms. Includes an ornate title cartouche, with large coat of arms, sea...


1688 - Accuratissima Principatus Cataloniae et Comitatuum Ruscinonis et Cerrataniae Descriptio . . .

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Fine old color example of this scarce map of Catalonia by Frederick De Wit. Decorative cartouche. Original color with gold leaf highlights.


1670 - Turcicum Imperium

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Striking map of the Turkish Empire bounded by the Eastern Mediterranean, Greece, and Italy in the West and Saudi Arabia, the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea in the east and centered on Turkey and Cyprus. This fine map depicts the Ottoman Empire on the...


1680 - Iutiae Tabula in quae sunt Dioeceses Alburgensis, Wiburgensis, Ripensis et Arhusiensis quae et Sunt Divisae In Omina Dominia (Gold Heightened)

  • $9.99

Fine map of Jutland, engraved by De Wit, with deluxe old color and gold leaf highlights. This beautifully engraved map covers the northern and western portions Denmark. The map is filled with minute detail of fortresses, cities, towns and tiny...


1680 - Insula Malta accuratissime Deliniata Urbibus, et Fortalitiis . . .

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Fine early map of Malta, published in Amsterdam by Frederick De Wit. The map includes a large inset of Valetta. Includes lower area of Sicily and north coast of Africa from Tunis to Tripoli. Three large vignettes depicting sea battles. The table...


1680 - Magnae Tartariae Magni Mogolis Imperii Iaponiae et Chinae Nova Descriptio

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Nice old color example of De Wit's map of Northeastern Asia, extending from the Island of Formosa, the Ganges, and the eastern part of the Caspian to Yedso, Tartaria, Siberia and Molgomzaia in Russian Asia in North. The Great Wall of China is shown,...


1680 - Tabula Tartariae et majoris partis Regni Chinae . . .

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Attractive example of De Wit's map of the northeastern part of Asia. The map extends from the Island of Formosa, the Ganges and the eastern part of the Caspian in the south to Yesso, Tartaria, Siberia and Molgomzaia in Russian Asia in the north. The...