Jonathan Carver

Jonathan Carver


1794 - Bowes New One Sheet Map of America, Divided Into Its Kingdoms, States, Governm.ts and Other Subdivisions . . . Bowles & Carver . . .

  • $14.99

Finely detailed map of America on the eve of the 19th Century and the radical transformation that would see the European powers expelled from both North and South America. The table in the bottom left corner showing the various British, French,...


1798 - Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the West Indies, Laid Down from the Observations of Celebrated Geographers . . .

  • $14.99

Large detailed map of Florida and the Caribbean, published by Bowles & Carver. The map extends from Florida, the Yucatan and Central America to the Windward and Leeward Islands. Centered on Cuba and the Bahamas. The map references the "Supposed...


1797 - Bowles's Reduced New Pocket Plan of the Cities of London and Westminster, with the Borough of Southwark, exhibiting New Buildings to 1797

  • $14.99

Highly detailed folding map of London in original slip case. The map is exceptionally detailed, including all of the buildings constructed up to 1797. Bowles regularly updated this map, making it one of the most up to date maps of London published...


1795 - Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the East Part of the Russian Empire In Asia . . .

  • $14.99

Highly detailed map of the Russian Empire in Asia, from a scarce atlas by Bowles & Carver.


1795 - Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the Coromandel Coast

  • $21.99

Beautiful set of maps featuring the Coromandel Coast of southeast India from Narsapur south to Nagapattinam. Important cities, rivers, mountains and lakes noted.