U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Department of Agriculture


1934 - Salmon National Forest (West Half) Idaho . . . 1934

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Detailed map of the Salmon National Forest, published by the Department of Agriculture in 1934. The Salmon National Forest was originally established in November 5, 1906 and renamed on March 4, 1907. On July 8, 1908, it was combined with the Challis...


1903 - Soil Map / California Los Angeles Sheet

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Colorful and highly detailed map of the Los Angeles Basin, drawn from maps by the United States Geological Survey. The map extends from the Sana Monica Mountains to Azusa in the north, to Rancho Las Bolsas (Huntington Beach, area) and Palos Verdes....


1913 - Map of Columbia National Forest and Directions To Hunters and Campers -- 1913

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Rare US Forestry Service map of Columbia National Forest, published in 1913. The map provides excellent detail, including: Administrative Sites Ranger Station Cabins Lookout Camp sites Telephone Lines Wagon Roads, Trails, Unused Trails Dry...