Heinrich Scherer

Heinrich Scherer


1702 - Repraesentatio Totius Asiae Cuius Regiones Paucae Fide Catholica

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A striking and scarce map of Asia by Heinrich Scherer. The unshaded areas show where Catholocism has spread in Asia (China, Philippines, the western coast of India). Christ appears in the lower-left corner with stereotyped Asians praying to him.


1710 - Totius Asiae Continens Cum Praecipuis Insulis Eidem Annexis

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Striking example of Scherer's map of Asia. Includes a marvelous depiction of Japan, the Philippines and a hint of Australia, with a curiously undersized Korea.


1702 - Typus Totius Orbis Terraquei Geographice Delineatus, Et Ad Usum Globo Materiali Superinducendus

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Dynamic Set of Globe Gores Showing California as an Island Fine example of Heinrich Scherer’s globe gores, included in his eight-volume atlas of 1703. The world map includes California as an island and a hypothetical depiction of Australia. The...


1705 - [Proietio Optica Hemisphaerii Polaris Arctici]

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Unusual World map on a North Polar projection, with a highly enlarged depiction of Greenland and Iceland and celestial model in the upper right. The map shows California as an Island and a potential NW Passage and also a possible continuous landmass...


1705 - Cumnecdum Stella Haec extorts suiset Olympo… [Northern Celestial and Terrestrial Hemispheres]

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Striking map of the Northern Celestial Sky, with a projection of the Northern Hemisphere in the interior. The terrestrial projection shows California as an Island and a potential NW Passage and also a possible continuous land mass to Asia. The...


1699 - America Australis

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Richly engraved decorative map of South America, in Scherer's distinctive style. The map is filled with towns and pictorial representations of the mountainous topography. Near Guyana, the fictitious lake of Parime is named with the mythical city of...


1700 - Europae Orbis Christiani Domina 1699

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Decorative map Europe, Iceland and part of Greenland, with sea monsters and land creatures in the sea and on land. Large decorative cartouche and characters. Scherer's Atlas Novus was a 7 volume compendium which demonstrated his unique style and...


1710 - Insulae Indicae Cum Terris Circumvicinis

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Striking example of Scherer's map of Southeast Asia and the Northern part of Australia. Nova Guinea is still tenatively attached to Nova Hollandia. The coastline shows Van Arnham's Land, Van Der Lin, C. Diemen and C. Van Diemen's Land. A narrow strait...


1703 - Nova Et Vera Exhibito Geographica Insularum Marianarum Cum Insulis De Pais Marianis ad Austrum Obiectic Nuperrime Inventis

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Fascinating map of the the Philippines, China, Japan and Korea, with a large inset of Guam, from Heinrich Scherer's monumental work. Includes a large inset of Guam. Heinrich Scherer (1628-1704) was a Professor of Hebrew, Mathematics and Ethics at the...


1699 - Africa Pars Australis

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Decorative regional map of South Africa and Madagascar, from Scherer's monumental Jesuit inspired work.