Georg Braun

Georg Braun

Georg Braun (1541-1622) was born and died in Cologne. His primary vocation was as Catholic cleric; he spent thirty-seven years as canon and dean at the church St. Maria ad Gradus, in Cologne. Braun was the chief editor of the Civitates orbis terrarum, the greatest book of town views ever published. His job entailed hiring artists, acquiring source material for the maps and views, and writing the text. In this role, he was assisted by Abraham Ortelius. Braun lived into his 80s, and he was the only member of the original team to witness the publication of the sixth volume in 1617.


1600 - Gades Ab Occiduis Insulae Partibus

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Columbus's Point of Departure Important early view of Cadiz, focused on the chapel of San Sebastian in the foreground with the city in the background. The plate shows Cadiz seen across the narrow peninsula from the Atlantic. In the foreground stands...


1588 - Malta / Famaugusta / Rhodus / Calaris

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Nice old color example of Braun & Hogenberg's views of Famagusta, Rhodes, Malta and Cagliari. From Braun & Hogenberg's Civitatus Orbis Terrarum, the most important book of town plans and views published in the 16th Century.


1590 - Candia [and] La Cita De Corphu

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Nice old color example of Braun & Hogenberg's views of Candia and Corfu.


1572 - Byzantium Nunc Constantinopolis

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Old color example of this important early map / birdseye view of Istanbul, from Braun & Hogenberg's monumental town book. The Braun & Hogenberg view is one of the finest and most sought-after views of Istanbul. Viewed from the village of...


1572 - Calechut Celeberrimum Indiae Emporium / Ormus / Canonor / S. George Oppidum Mina....

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Striking group of 4 city views, illustrating a trip from Africa to the trading regions of East, from Braun & Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the most famous and influential book of town plans published in the 16th Century. The top view shows...


1572 - Anfa / Quibusdam Anaffa / Azzaamurum / Diiv / Goa fortissima Indiae urbs in Christianorum potestatem anno Salutis 1509 . . . (Casablanca, Goa, Diu and Azamor

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Nice old color example of Braun & Hogenberg's set of Casablanca (Anfa) - Azemmour (Azamor) - Diu - Old Goa (Velha Goa).


1572 - Hierosolyma, Clarissima Totius Orientis Civitas Iudaee Metropolis . . .

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A Superb Example of One of Braun & Hogenberg's Views of Jerusalem. Striking early plan of Jerusalem, from Braun & Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the most famous and influential book of town plans published in the 16th century. The view...


1572 - Cairus Quae Olim Babylon Aegypt Maxima Urbs

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Fine old color example of this important early view of Cairo from a hillside opposite the Nile, from Braun & Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the most important town book of the 16th Century. Elaborate detail, including fortified walls,...


1572 - Aden Arabiae Foelicis Emporium Celeberrimi Nominis, quo ex India, Aethiopia ... [on sheet with] Mombaza [and] Quiloa [and] Cefala

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The oldest obtainable printed view of Aden, with smaller views of 3 other African Harbors. The harbors were among the most important ports along the Indian Ocean and were controlled by the Arabs and visited by the Vasco de Gama on his trip around the...


1572 - (Tangiers, Tzaffin, Ceuta, Arzila, and Sala) Tingis Lusitanis Tangiara. . . [on sheet with] Tzaffin [and] Salaa [and] Arzilla [and] Septa

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Views of the five northern and western African coastal towns on one sheet: Tangiers, Tzaffin, Septa (Ceuta), Arzila, and Sala. Latin text on verso. Braun and Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum was the single most important town book of the 16th...


1588 - Algerii Sarace norum urbis forttif fimae, in Numidia Africa Provincia Structae iuxta Balearicos fluctus Maeiterranei aequoris Hispaniam contra . . .

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Striking town plan of Algiers from Braun & Hogenberg's Civitas Orbis Terrarum, first issued in 1588. Algiers is known as 'El-Bahdja' in Arabic or 'Alger la Blanche' in French for the glistening white of its buildings rising up from the sea. The...


1590 - Tunes Urbs - Tunetis Urbis, ac Novae Eius Arcis, et Guletae, quae Philippo Hispan Regi Parent

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Nice old color example of Braun & Hogenberg's important early town view of Tunis. The image shows a lively port scene, with ships in the foreground in the outer harbor, several canals to the inner harbor and the extensive fortifications along the...


1572 - Lisbona. Olisipo ... vulgo Lisbona Florentissimum Portugalliae Emporiu. [with] Cascale Lusitaniae Opp

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A view of Lisbon and Cascale, which first appeared in Braun and Hogenburg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum. Lisbon is shown as a great port city, with many large ships in its harbor. In the city, castles, churches, port buildings, and citizens can all be...


1572 - Amstelredamum nobile inferioris germaniae oppidum braun hogenberg

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This is a finely colored example of Braun & Hogenberg's first view of Amsterdam, from Part I of their Civitates Orbis Terrarum, first published in Cologne in 1572. Braun & Hogenberg's view is based upon a plan of Amsterdam by Cornelis...


1586 - Posonium [Bratislava]

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An attractive antique view of Posonium [Bratislava] showing the city from the east, from across the Danube. The city is small, with a handful of churches, several neighborhoods, and a castle overlooking the city. The map is delicately colored....