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1829 - Plan of that Part of the Isthmus of Panama Eligible for effecting a Communication Between The Atlantic & Pacific from Observations & Surveys performed in the Years 1828 & 1829, By J.A. Lloyd.

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Finely detailed map of a portion of Panama, prepared to illustrate John Augustus Lloyd's article Account of Levellings Carried Across the Isthmus of Panama, presented at the Royal Geographical Society in 1830. This detailed topographical map depicts...


1900 - The Highest Part of The Cordillera Real Bolivia from a Triangulation and plane table survey by Sir. Martin Conway 1898 and various unpublished documents

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Finely executed map of the area around La Paz and the eastern part of Lake Titicaca, extending north to the Rio Mapiri and Rio Beni regions, published by the Royal Geographical Society. The map illustrates the expedition of William Martin Conway, 1st...


1772 - Part of the Red Sea

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Finely executed map of the southern part of the Red Sea, which was published in A Letter to the Rev. Mr. Maskelyne, Astronomer Royal, F. R. S. Accompanying a New Chart of the Red Sea, with Two Draughts of the Roads of Mocha and Judda, and Several...


1922 - Northern Arabia

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A Map to Illustrate Captain William Shakespear's Last Journey Highly detailed map was produced by the British War Office for the Royal Geographical Society with the permission of the controller of His Majesty’s Stationery Office in March 1922. The...


1901 - A map of Marotseland and the Neighbouring Regions, Principally from the Surveys and Explorations by Major A. St. Hill Gibbons 1895-96, 1898-1900

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A Scarce Map Following Expeditions Exploring The Zambezi Basin An antique map showing western half of Zambia, collating the results from several expeditions to the region which occurred at the end of the 19th century. The area shown extends into parts...


1861 - Map to accompany the Diary of Messrs. Burke & Wills, across Australia to the Gulf of Carpentaria; also: Mr. Howitt's Journal to Cooper Creek, constructed chiefly from the Observations & Field-book of W.I. Wills, Esqr. 1861

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Route Map of the Burke and Wills Expedition Across Australia Detailed map showcasing the route of the Burke and Wills Expedition, which appeared in the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society to accompany an account of the expedition. The map shows...