Antonio Zatta

Antonio Zatta

Antonio Zatta (fl. 1757-1797) was a prominent Italian editor, cartographer, and publisher. Little is known about his life beyond his many surviving published works. It is possible that he was born as early as 1722 and lived as late as 1804. He lived in Venice and his work flourished between 1757 and 1797. He is best known for his atlas, Atlante Novissimo (1779-1785), and for his prolific output of prints and books that were both precisely made and aesthetically pleasing. Zatta clearly had a large network from which to draw information; this is how he was able to publish the first glimpse of the islands visited by Captain Cook in the Atlante Novissimo. Zatta also published books of plays and architecture.


1776 - Nuove Scoperte Fatte nel 1765, 67 e 69 nel Mare Del Sud . . . . 1776

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Cook's First Tracks In The South Pacific First edition of the first decorative map to show Cook's tracks in the Pacific, one of the most sought after early maps to depict Cook's Voyage to New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. The map records...


1774 - Il Mappamondo o sia Descrizione Generale Del Globo . . . 1774

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First edition of Antonio Zatta's decorative double hemisphere map of the World, published in Venice in 1774. Includes allegorical vignettes of the 4 continents, embellishing the outer corners. The map depicts the recent discoveries of Captain James...


1778 - [United States] Il Canada Le Colonie Inglesi Con La Luigiana E Florida di nuova Projezione . . . 1778

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Striking map of the United States and Canada, which includes references to the Upper and Lower English Colonies of Louisiana. One of the very few maps we have seen from the period which treat the regions east of the Mississippi as being Upper or...


1776 - Nuove Scoperte de' Russi al Nord del Mare del Sud si nell'Asia, che nell'America . . . 1776 . . .

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An Ostrich, An Elephant and the Northwest Passage! Striking example of Zatta's map of the northern Pacific Coastal regions and one of the best illustrations of a late rendition of the Northwest Passage, here illustrating two wide passages from the...


1796 - Carta Del Mar Pacifico Del Nord che comprende la Costa Nord-Est D'Asia e la Costanord Ouest D'America riconosciente nel 1778 e 79 dal Cap. Cook e partcolarmente ancora nell 1788 e 89 dal Capitano Gio Meares . . . 1796

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Scarce Italian published map of Alaska and the Northwest Coast of America and Northeast Coast of Asia, engraved to illustrate the Italian edition of the account John Meares Voyages to the Region. The map tracks both the journeys of Captain James...


1778 - La Baja D'Hudson Terra Di Labrador e Groenlandia Con Le Isole Adiacenti . . . 1778

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Striking map of Hudson Bay, Baffin Bay, part of Greenland, Labrador and Northern Canada. Marvelous detail on the islands and coastlines, known and unknown. Issued as part of Zatta's Atlante Novissimo, one of the last great decorative atlases.


1778 - Le Isole di Terra Nuova e Capo Breton . . . 1778

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Gorgeous separate map of Newfoundland and Cape Breton Island, along with neighboring Islands, including St. Pierre Michelon. Antonio Zatta was a leading European cartographer and publisher, and his Atlante Novissimo was one of the most beautifully...


1785 - La Terra Ferma La Gujana Spagnola, Olandese, Frances, E. Portughese E La Parte Settente.le Del Bresil . . . 1785

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Marvelous map of Columbia, Venezula, Ecuador and a large portion of Northern Brazil, including the entire Amazon River, plus Northern Peru. Includes a large decorative title cartouche. The map was issued in Zatta's Atlante Novissimo, a monumental 4...


1775 - L'Europa Divisa ne' suoi Principali Stati . . . 1775

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Decorative map of Europe, published in Venice in 1775. The present example is a rare early edition. Most examples are dated 1776 or later.


1776 - Li Regni D'Inghilterra e D'Irlanda Di nuova Projezione . . . 1776

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Detailed map of Great Britain, published in Venice by Zatta. Includes a decorative cartouche.


1779 - Provincia de Surrey

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Antique map of the Surrey and adjoining Home Counties. In the 18th century layout of the county, the northern border is marked by the River Thames, and Surrey includes parts of London, though Westminster and the Isle of Dogs form part of Middlesex....


1779 - Provincia di Essex di nuova Projezione . . . .1779

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Antique map of the Provinces of Essex, published by Antonio Zatta in Venice.


1779 - Provincia de Kent . . . 1779

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Antique map of the County of Kent and vicinity, published in Venice by Antonio Zatta.


1776 - Il Regno di Scozia Di Nuova Projezione . . 1776

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Decorative Italian map of Scotland, with an attractive inset of the Shetland Islands. The map appeared in Antonio Zatta's 4 volume 'Atlante Novissimo". Zatta was a major Italian cartographer of the time, and his works are increasingly popular with...


1779 - La Scozia Settentrionale Divisa Nelle sue Contee Particolari Di nuova Projezione . . 1779

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Decorative Italian map of Northern Scotland, with a large decorative vignette. The map appeared in Antonio Zatta's 4 volume 'Atlante Novissimo". Zatta was a major Italian cartographer of the time, and his works are increasingly popular with collectors.


1776 - La Repubblica D'Ollanda divisa Nell sue Province . . . 1776

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Decorative map of the Low Countries from Zatta's Atlante Novissimo.