Jean Le Clerc

Jean Le Clerc


1625 - Germania Non ea tantum que Rheno, Vistula, Danubio, . . .

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Rare map of the Holy Roman Empire, published in Paris by Jean Le Clerc. Le Clerc's map is based upon Willem Janszoon Blaeu's map of the same title, first issued in 1606, which includes town views across the top.


1619 - Carte Du Pais De Retelois

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Rare map of Retelois, from Jean Le Clerc's very rare atlas of France. A credit is given at the bottom to the French surveyor Jean Jubrien (1569-1641).


1620 - Burgundia Ducatus

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Fine map of Burgundy oriented with west at the top, originally published by Maurice Bouguereau and later re-issued by Le Clerc. Mauricij Bogueraldj is the Flemish name utilized by Maurice Bouguereau toward the beginning of his career.


1620 - Carte Du Pais De Retelois

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Rare De laPointe edition of Jean Le Clerc's map of Retelois. Shows the cities of Rethel, Montcornet en Tirache, Beaumont, and Charleville. A credit is given at the bottom to the French surveyor Jean Jubrien Claonnais (1569-1641).


1621 - Carte Du Pais D'Aunis Ville et Gowernemet De La Rochelle

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Rare early regional map of France, extending form Isle D'Oleron to the Seure River and Lusson, centered on Isle de Re. The map includes multiple sailing vessels, sea monster and an ornate compass Rose. A large military and pilgrim encampment surrounds...


1630 - Carte du Grand Perche et Perche Gouet

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Attractive double-page engraved map of Perche, typifying local French cartography of the early-to-mid 17th century. The map is likely by or after Jean Le Clerc, comprising a later example (Note the removal of the cartouche in the lower left corner,...


1632 - Bolonia & Guinis Comitatus

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Jean Le Clerc's rare map of the Picardie, including Boulogne-sur-Mer and Calais, and Artois. The map can be found in very rare French composite atlases of the mid-17th century, and in Gabriel Michel de La Rochemaillet's Theatre geographique du...