Iohann Matthias Christoph Reinecke

Iohann Matthias Christoph Reinecke

Johann Christoph Matthias Reinecke (1768-1818) was a German scientist. He worked in a variety of fields, most notably cartography and paleontology. A true polymath, he spoke eight languages and also wrote poems and songs. He produced a variety of maps in his career, including a series for the Geographical Institute in Weimar.


1815 - Charte von Australien berichtigt im November 1812 . . .

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Fine map of Oceana, issued shortly after Krusenstern's voyage to the region. Includes a reference to Australia as Ulimaroa and many other early annotations and place names. Australia is shown as divided between New South Wales and New Holland. The...


1803 - General Charte von Australien Nach ne neuesten Entdeckungs Reisen und astronischen Bestimungen…1803

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Nice example of Reinecke's map of the Western Pacific Ocean, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc. Neu Holland vormals Ulimaroa is named, along with an New South Wales. The coastline of Australia is incomplete. New Zealand is shown as two islands. Hawaii...


1800 - Charte von Ost Indien Diesseits und Jenseits des Ganges nach den neuesten astronom. Beobachtungen und andern Sichern Hulfsmitteln neu entworfen und berichtiget auf der Sternwarte Seeberg bey Gotha . . . 1800

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Fine, Rare German Map of South and Southeast Asia Sharply-executed map of the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific regions, encompassing the Indian subcontinent, Mainland Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Moluccas, and the Philippines. The map is...


1802 - Charte der Sudspitze Africa und der Colonie vom Vorgebirgedernugen Hoffnung haputeschilich nach Barrow's Neuesten Reisen enworfen und nach astronomischen Ortsbestimungen. . . .1804

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German edition of the First Modern Map of South Africa Detailed map of South Africa, published in Weimar in 1802, based upon a map produced by Sir John Barrow, which is considered the first modern map of South Africa. The map shows the settled and...


1801 - Charte von Nieder Guinea und den angrenzenden Ländern Süd-Afrika's nach den neuesten und besten Hülfsmitteln gezeichnet von I. C. M. Reinecke.

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Fascinating German hand-colored engraved map of western central Africa, encompassing the Congo River Basin south to Angola. Congolese peoples are labelled and divided with hand-color into regions, with little detail shown outside of the coast. In the...