Georg Biurman

Georg Biurman

Georg Biurman was a Swedish surveyor and engraver in Stockholm.

Biurman is best known for a his series of separately published maps of Stockholm and Sweden, as well as a travel guide that was published in 1742.

In the 1730s, Biurman became head of the printing house that was established at the surveyor at Västra Trädgårdsgatan 2 in Stockholm.

Biurman's travel guide received its privilege to published his travel guide in 1742, which was the first official travel guide following the guide published by Peter Warnmarck in 1709. Biurman's book was published in four supplemented editions, the last in 1776. The guide contains two maps, which include accurate information about roads, inns, cities and other towns and distances from Stockholm and between towns along the main roads throughout the country.

Biurman produced a map of Sweden including Finland, several landscape maps, several maps of Stockholm , including one with the city's surroundings, a Kungsholm map and a Mälaren map.


1747 - Svea ock Gota Riken med Finland ock Norland Afritade i Stockholm ar 1747

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The Most Important Domestically Published Map of Sweden in the 18th Century Highly detailed map of Sweden and Finland, by leading Swedish mapmaker Georg Biurman. A nice example of this landmark map, which saw the rebirth of domestic map publication...


1750 - Charta öfwer Nerike

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Antique engraved map of the historical Swedish province of Nerike, in central Sweden east of Lake Vanern. Wonderful allegorical cartouche featuring the arms of Nerike (or Nericia or Närke) on a rock. The internal boundaries of the province are...