Daniel Lizars

Daniel Lizars


1831 - Table of Mountain Chains, Together With The Altitudes of Their Princpal Summits

  • $14.99

Unusual two sheet table of principal mountains, with an illustration and remarkably detailed list of mountains from all parts of the known world. Includes a list of he tallest Island Mountains, Mountain Passes, Table Lands and Elevated Human...


1842 - North America British Possessions

  • $9.99

Nice example of Lizars map of Canada, Alaska and the Polar Regions. Excellent early map of Canada, Alaska and the Northwest part of America and contiguous regions covered by Lewis & Clark. The map provides a fine treatment of the search for the...


1828 - Russian Empire [with] Chart of the Communication Between The Archipelago And Black Sea

  • $21.99

Unusual pair of maps of Russia and the water route from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, published in Edinburgh by Thomson. Striking regional map, showing all of Russia, the Arctic Ocean, Northeast Passage, and Chinese Tartary, along with Japan,...


1828 - Turkey in Europe Greece & The Ionian Islands

  • $9.99

Striking and highly detailed map of Turkey, Greece, the Balkans, Cyprus and the Black Sea. Colored by regions. Excellent detail throughout.


1828 - Kindgom of Sardinia [with inset of Sardinia]

  • $9.99

Scarce regional map of Italy, centered on the Gulf of Genoa, Alessandria and the Duchy of Milan. The map includes Genoa, the Duchy of Milan, Piedmont, and Savoy, along with neighboring regions. Includes a large inset of the island of Sardinia.


1825 - East India Islands

  • $14.99

Scarce and highly detailed map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines, published by Lizars. The map extends from Hainan and the Gulf of Tonkin to Pegu and the Bay of Bengal, in the North and showing all of the Philippines, Papual New Guinea, Timor,...