United States GPO

United States GPO


1942 - The Block Plan For Civilian War Services

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World War II Civilian War Services Organizational Chart Unusual organizational chart showing the means for organizing civilians during World War II. As the chart notes, this is the Civilian War Services chart, NOT the chart for Civilian Protection....


1942 - [WWII Propaganda Map] Newsmap -- Monday, September 14, 1942

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American Occupation of Galapagos -- Nazis Closing on Stalingrad -- 234 US Vessels Launched Labor Day (1942) Fine large format WWII "Newsmap", providing up to date coverage of World War II to the American public. The base map is surrounded by news...


1942 - [WWII Propaganda Map] Newsmap -- Monday, October 26, 1942

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More Than 530 Enemy Subs Reported Sunk or Damaged Fine large format WWII "Newsmap", providing up to date coverage of World War II to the American public. The base map is surrounded by news style articles, images, photographs and other information...


1839 - [Indian Stream Republic Report and Map] Plan of the Sources of Connecticut River

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Map of the Indian Stream Republic with US Congressional Committee on Foreign Affairs Report Complete example of the 12 page Claim of New Hampshire, Report No. 176 of the House of Representatives, 25th Congress, 3d Session, with the map illustrating...


1891 - [Texas and Western Louisiana]

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Highly detailed map of a large part of Texas and Louisiana, prepared as part of the US Government's monumental work Atlas to accompany the official records of the Union and Confederate armies, published between 1891 and 1895. The map extends west to...


1847 - Military Reconnaissance of the Arkansas Rio Del Norte and Rio Gila By W.H. Emory, Lieut. Top. Engrs. . . . 1847

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Fine example of the William Emory's milestone mapping of the Southwestern United State, from Ft. Leavenworth to the West Coast, from Emory's Notes of a Military Reconnaissance, from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California . . ., one...


1880 - [Texas] Map showing the route of the Corpus Christi, San Deigo & Rio Grande Railroad, and its connections.

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Rare Texas Railroad Map Interesting map of Texas, illustrating the route of the Corpus Christi, San Diego & Rio Grande Railroad and connecting routes, including an extension into Mexico. The map was prepared to illustrate a US government...


1902 - Map Showing progress of Allotment in the Creek Nation . . .

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Nice example of C.H. Dana's map of the Creek Nation, showing the lands alotted between April 1, 1899 and June 30, 1902. Prepared to accompany the Department of the Interior's report on the Commission To The Five Civilized Tribes.


1851 - Mexican Boundary B. Extract From the Treaty Map of Disturnell of 1847. Referred to in Col: Graham's Report tot he Hon: the Secretary of the Interior of Augst. 16th 1851.

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Important map illustrating the region between the Rio Grande and the Colorado River, with forts and towns marked, mainly intended to illustrate the error made by Bartlett in setting the line from the Rio Grande to the Continental Divide too far north,...


1901 - Map of Douglas Townsite. County of Cochise, Territory of Arizona. . . . 1901

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Detailed plan of the town of Douglas, Arizona, on the border with Mexico. In 1878, the place where the town of Douglas now exists was known as Black Water, so called because of a dirty water hole. Water was so scarce that Black Water was much used....


1942 - Guide Map of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park

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Rare early state of this road map of Glacier Park area, published for the United States National Park Service. The map includes roads through the park, distances, important points of interest, elevations, etc., including a delineation of the...


1941 - Guide Map of Yellowstone National Park

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Don't Feed The Bears! Detailed 1941 map of old Yellowstone in Wyoming, published by the US Department of the Interior. Provides a fine overview of the roads, trails, campgrounds, hotels, geysers, and major points of interest in the park.


1949 - Trail Map General Grant Grove Kings Canyon National Park

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Trails and Big Trees Early trail map of the General Grant Grover in Kings Canyon, published by the United States Government Printing Office. The map shows paved roads, low standard roads, truck trails, trails, ranger stations, campgrounds and fire...


1890 - Coronado Heights. San Diego County, California.

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Rare plan of the north end of Imperial Beach, which at the time was planned as a community to be called Coronado Heights, just south of Coronado and the Strand. Located immediately south of the Strand, Coronado Heights would ultimately become a part...