Cornelis de Jode

Cornelis de Jode


1589 - Totius Orbis Cogniti Universalis Descriptio . . . Ao. M.D.LXXXIX

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Fine Dutch World Map Employing the Projection of Marinus of Tyre This is a fine example of Cornelis De Jode's rare and highly sought after 1589 map of the world. In Gerard De Jode's first atlas of 1578, he produced a world map which does not appear...


1593 - Quivirae Regnu cum alijs versus Borea

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The Benevento Copy. The Earliest Printed Map of the Northwest Coast of North America Fine old color example of this rare, important map depicting the west coast of North America, derived from Plancius's world map of 1592. De Jode's map is one of the...


1578 - Inferioris Germaniae pars / Tractus Rheni Tertia Tabula

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Flawless example of the first edition of De Jode's highly desirable map Germania Inferioris, from the first edition of De Jode's Speculum Orbis Terrarum. In the second, the title outside to top border was deleted. Covers the whole of the Northern...


1593 - Austriae Ducatus Seu Pannoniae Superioris Chorographia Germana Summa Fide Ac Industria Elaborata a Wolfgang Lazio.

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De Jode's edition of Wolfgang Lazius' map of Austria. Fine 16th Century map of Austria, extending from Lintz in the west to Gratz and Volkmarkt in the south, Bratislava and the Neusiedler See in the east. The map is drawn from Wolfgang Lazius' Typi...


1593 - Illirici Seu Sclavoniae, Continentis Croatiam, Carniam, Itriam, Bosniam, eisquae conterminas provincias recens ac emendatus typus Auctore Augustino Hirsvolgelio

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Old color example of De Jode's rare map of the northern Balkans region, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Istria, and part of Hungary. The map is based upon an earlier map by Augustino Hirsvogelio. De Jode's Speculum Orbis Terrarum was...


1578 - Videbis Totius Greciae limites divisos per motes flumina & maria nominib. hodiernis, ad hunc modu . . . (Rare Separately Issued Example)

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Nice example of De Jode's modern map of Greece, which was both separately issued and included in his Speculum Orbis Terrae, drawn from the work of the Italian Renaissance Architect, Pirro Ligorio. The present example has no text on the verso and...


1593 - Primae Partis Asiae accurata delineatio… [shows Cyprus]

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De Jode's edition of Giacomo Gastaldi's Landmark Map of The Middle East and Asia Minor. Old color example of De Jode's highly desirable map of the region, bounded by the Black Sea and Mediterranean in the West and Afganistan and Central Asia in the...


1593 - China Regnum

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The Rarest and Most Coveted Map of China Published in the Sixteenth Century Striking example of De Jode's map of China, one of the earliest maps of China printed in Europe and the first map to begin to show the emergence of Korea on a printed map....


1593 - Secundae Partis Asiae . . .

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Fine example of De Jode's modern map of the Middle East, from his Speculum Orbis Terrae, published in Antwerp in 1578 and engraved by Joannes & Lucas Van Deutecum. The complete title reads: Secundae partis Asiae: typus qua oculis subijciuntur...