Pierre Mariette

Pierre Mariette

Melchior Tavernier was a member of a large family involved in the publishing trade in Paris in the early years of the seventeenth century. Early in his career, he apparently collaborated with Henricus Hondius, as at least one of his early maps references Tavernier as the seller of a map engraved in Amsterdam, by Hondius. He is probably best known for his publication of a map of the Post Roads of France, which was copied many times until the end of the century. He also issued an atlas under the same title as J. le Clerc's Theatre Geographique, using many of Le Clerc's maps, but incorporating others from different sources. He published composite atlases and also published works for other cartographers, including N. Sanson, N. Tassin, and P. Bertius. He is not to be confused with his nephew of the same name (1594-1665), who also engraved maps for Nicolas Sanson.


1650 - America Noviter Delineata

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Rare map of America, published by Pierre Mariette in Paris. As noted by Burden, this map falls into the series of maps derived from Hondius's map of America, published in 1618. The map is not recorded in either Tooley's Sequence of Maps of America or...


1669 - Amerique Septentrionale . . . 1669

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First edition of the Sanson-Marriette map of North America, first issued in 1669. Produced by Guillaume Sanson and Pierre Mariette, after the death of Guillaume's father Nicolas in 1667, this map is a reduced-size copy of Nicolas Sanson's 4-sheet wall...


1650 - Carte De La Guadeloupe Scituee a 16 Degrez de Lat. Septentrionale

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Nice full color example of the first printed map of the Island of Guadaloupe, shortly after its earliest settlement in 1635. Guadalupe was first visited by Columbus on his second journey to the Americas. He named it for an image in a Spanish monastery...


1650 - Carte du Querci

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Scarce map of Quercy, centered on Cahors on the Lot River. Oriented with east at the top.


1689 - Unelli, seu Veneli. Diocese de Coutances Divise en ses Quatre Archidiociones, et vint-deux Doiennes Ruraux avec les Isles de Iersay, Grenesey, Cers, Herms, Aurigni, &c. . . .

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Title sheet of a rare 4 sheet map of the Diocese of Coutances, published in Paris. This is the lower left sheet of this rare 4-sheet wall map, showing mainly a title cartouche with the islands of Minquiers and Banes Grélets to the right. In top right...


1650 - Catalonia

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Rare map of Catalonia, published in Paris by Pierre Mariette. The map is finely engraved, illustrating topographical features, towns, islands, etc. Includes a decorative coat of arms.


1636 - Graeciae Antiquae tabulam hanc geographicam offert... MDCXXXVI

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Tavernier and Sanson double-page engraved map of ancient Greece.


1654 - Carte Des Trois Arabies Tiree en Partie de l'Arabe de Nubie, en partie de divers autres Autheurs . . . 1654

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Rare Map of the Arabian Peninsula by Sanson An excellent example of this scarce map of the Arabian Peninsula, referencing the "Trois Arabies" (Three Arabias). This exemplary work by the father of French cartography, Nicolas Sanson, is one of the few...


1667 - Isle D'Auphine, Communement Nommee par les Europeens Madagascar et St. Laurens et Par les Habitans du Pyas Madecase: Dressee Sur les Memoires du Sr. de Flacourt et de Francois Cauche . . . 1667

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Finely engraved map of Madagascar, published by Pierre Mariette. The map was perhaps the finest and most up to date of its time, utilized by contemporary explorers. As noted in The Voyages Made by Sieur Du Bois To The Islands of Dauphine of Madagacar...


1650 - Planisfere Du Globe Celeste

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Including Portraits of Tycho Brahe and Frederic Houtman Rare pair of celestial hemispheres, showing the northern and southern skies, published by Pierre Mariette. At the top center is an explanation that the the northern sky is mapped based on the...