James Cook

James Cook


1785 - Carte Generale Offrant Les Decouvertes Faites Par Le Capitaine Jacques Cook . . . .Par Henry Robert, Lieutenant de la Marine du Roi

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French Edition of the Official World Map Showcasing the Voyages of James Cook Striking French edition of a detailed world map including tracks of all three voyages of Captain James Cook, expeditions that redrew the map of the Pacific Ocean. The map...


1784 - Chart of Norton Sound and of Bherings Strait made by the East Cape of Asia and the West Point of America

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Detailed charting of Cook's exploration of the Northwest Coast of America and the Northeast Coast of Asia. Includes daily tracks and a number of place names, showing the tracks of Cook's Voyage on a daily basis. Cook's Voyage to the region was one of...


1784 - Chart of the NW Coast of America and the NE Coast of Asia explored in the Years 1778 & 1779 . . .

  • $14.99

Striking Map of the North Pacific From Cook’s Third Voyage Account Fine example of the map of the Northern Pacific and contiguous coasts of America and Asia, from the official account of Captain James Cook’s third voyage, published in London in...


1786 - Charte Von Den In Den Iahren 1778 und 1779 befahrenen nordwestlichen amerikanischen und nordostlichen asiatischen Kusten

  • $14.99

Rare map of the Northwest Coast of America and Northeast Coast of Asia, illustrating the tracks of Captain James Cook's Voyage in the region in 1778 and 1779. This edition of the map is apparently very rare. This is the first example we have ever seen.


1787 - Charte von Nortons-Sund und von Berings Strasse-oder der Durchfarth zwischen Asien und America mit Bernerkung der Meeres Tiese und der

  • $14.99

Rare illustrated map of Alaska and the Bering Straits, which appeared in the first German edition of the Account of Cook's Voyages. The map covers the area from the Bering Strait and the coast south of Norton Sound to the coast north of Cap du Prince...


1795 - A Chart of the Northwest Coast of America and North East Coast of Asia, Explored in the Years 1778 & 1779

  • $14.99

Detailed chart of the coastal regions explored by Captain James Cook, one of the seminal voyages to the Northwest Coast. The map pre-dates the discovery of Vancouver Island and shows Cook's Tracks through Asia and along the Northwest Coast of America,...


1784 - Karte von den Sandwich-Inseln

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Rare German Edition First Map of Hawaii -- From The Explorations of Captain James Cook Nice example of this very rare German edition of the first map of the Hawaiian Islands, which appeared in the official account of Captain James Cook's Third...


1785 - Chart of the Sandwich Isles

  • $14.99

Nice example of the first map of the Hawaiian Islands, from Anderson's edition of the Journal for Cook's Third Voyage. Tracks Cook's route through the islands with dates of various observations and landfalls and provides an interesting topographical...


1774 - Carte du Detroit de Magellan dans laquelle on a Insere les Observations et les Decouvertes du Capne. Byron, du Capne. Wallis et du Capne. Carteret

  • $14.99

Rare chart of the Straits of Magellan from the Relation des Voyages Entrepris par Ordre de sa Majeste Britannique, the French edition of the official account of the first voyage of James Cook. The chart details the Straits of Magellan and the truly...


1794 - Kaart van het Zuidlijk Eind van Amerika 1775

  • $14.99

Scarce map of the sourthern part of South America, focusing on Cook's tracks around the Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego in 1775. From a Dutch edition of the Official Account of Cook's Expedition.


1780 - Carte De L'Hemisphere Austral Montrant Les Routes Des Navigateurs Les Plus Celebres par le Captaine Jacques Cook

  • $14.99

Cook’s Map of the Southern Hemisphere, Highlighting Historic Exploration toward Antarctica--French Edition French edition of Cook’s highly-detailed, large-format map of the Southern Hemisphere, showing the tracks of major voyages of exploration in...


1785 - Carte de la Terre Van-Diemen

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Detailed map of the Coast of Van-Diemen (Tasmania), from the French edition of the official account of Cook's voyage. Includes several profile views.


1795 - Schets van de DonkereBaai in Nieuw Zeeland 1773.

  • $14.99

Dutch Edition of Cook's Chart of Donkere Bay, Resolution Island and environs on the southwest coast of the South Island of New Zealand.