George Philip & Son

George Philip & Son


1897 - The World In Hemispheres Projected on the Plane of a Meridian By W. Hughes, F.R.G.S.

  • $29.99

Fine large world map, illustrating the world in two hemispheres at the end of the 19th Century.


1851 - Mexico & Texas

  • $14.99

Rare map of Mexico, Texas and the Southwest, from an early edition of Philip's Imperial Atlas. This map is issued shortly before the Gadsden Purchase, and shows a very oddly configured Texas, bounded by a massive Indian Territory and New Mexico...


1850 - Chart of the North West Passage Between Asia & America

  • $9.99

Rare map showing the Northwest Passage, via the Bering Straits, with a fantastic early depiction of Alaska (then Russian America) and contiguous parts of Canada. Philip's map highlights the discoveries of Franklin and Richardson in the Arctic Sea...


1854 - Jamaica (with insets of Kingston and Port Royal Harbors and Bluefields)

  • $14.99

Detailed map of Jamaica, based upon Thomson's map of 1815. Includes large insets of the Harbors of Kingston and Port Royal and of Bluefields. Gorgeous topographical details. One of the best large format English maps of the period.


1854 - Porto Rico and The Virgin Islands / St. Domingo Independent

  • $14.99

Scarce pair of maps of the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola. The top map extends to St. Croix, Anegada and Virgin Gorda.


1944 - [World War II -- The Italian Campaign] The Battle For Rome

  • $21.99

This Map Is Not For The Orderly Room. It Is To Be Displayed Where The Largest Number of People in the Unit Can Study it. This is a fine large map of the area around Rome, published in February 1944 by the British Army Bureau of Current Affairs...


1904 - Philips' Military Map of Manchuria and Korea Compiled from Foreign Staff Maps & British Admiralty Charts

  • $29.99

Russo-Japanese War Map of Manchuria and Korea. Detailed color-lithographed folding map of Korea and Manchuria, published in London for coverage fo the Russo-Japanese War. The Russo-Japanese War was fought during 1904–1905 between the Russian Empire...


1851 - New Zealand

  • $9.99

Highly detailed map of New Zealand, published by George Philip & Son in Liverpool. Includes a large inset of the "New Settlement Canterbury."