Justus Perthes

Justus Perthes


1905 - Map of the world, showing the Express and Mail Steamer ServiceS of the Norddeutscher Lloyd, Bremen.

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Fine promotional wall map of the world, promoting the Norddeutscher Lloyd line of Bremen. The map focuses on the routes of the Norddeutchser Lloyd Line, an important global steamship line in the 19th and 20th centuries. The routes of the line are...


1837 - Karte vom Ural Gebirge Gegrundet auf die austromischen Beobachtungen von Wischnewsky, Schubert, A. v. Humboldt, Ad. Erman, und auf handschiftliche Specialkarten. . . 1837

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Rare and highly detailed map of the Ural region, with a large inset of the Bjelaja Gora area. The map shows post roads, government roads, district roads, mountains, rivers, lakes, towns, boundaries and a host of other details. There are very few maps...


1865 - Arabia, Aethiopia, Aegyptus

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Fine example of this detailed map of Ancient Arabia and contiguous regions, excerpted from the Spruner-Menke Atlas of Antiquity. The map illustrates the region centered on the Arabian Peninsula, relying upon historical information from antiquity to...