Thomas Page

Thomas Page


1702 - A Generall Chart from England to Cape Bona Espranca With the Coast of Brasile Sold by Willm. Mount and Thos. Page on Tower Hill London.

  • $14.99

Fine sea chart of the Southern Atlantic Ocean, first published in London by John Thornton. The general map from Thornton's English Pilot The Third Book, concentrating on oriental navigation, showing the first half of the route to the Far East. The...


1737 - A New Chart of the Bahama Islands And the Windward Passage . . .

  • $14.99

Scarce Early English Chart of the Bahamas from the Influential English Pilot, Fourth Book This chart by Mount and Page includes the tip of Florida, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Jamaica, the western part of Hispaniola and Cozumel to the far west. The...


1732 - A New and Correct Draught of the Bay of Matanzas. On ye North side of ye Island Cuba, done from a Survey by Robt. Pearson.

  • $14.99

Highly detailed plan of the Bay of Matanzas on the Island of Cuba, from the English Pilot, Fourth Book, published by Mount & Page. This detailed plan includes the location of Plantations Houses, Rivers, a bridge, soundings, anchorages and other...


1755 - [Bermuda]

  • $14.99

Scarce map of Bermuda from the English Pilot, Fourth Book. Shows islands, bays and inlets, forts, navigational hazards, and a "Flemish Wreck." Includes wonderful text in English on the front and back, which includes a description of Bermudas or the...


1698 - A New Mapp of the Island of St. Christophers being an Actual Survey taken by Andrew Norwood Surveyr. Genll. / A New Map of the Island Guardalupa / A New Mapp of the Island Martineca

  • $14.99

Nice example of John Thornton's sea chart of St. Kitts, Guadalupe and Martinique, which first appeared in the English Pilot, Fourth Book, in about 1706. Includes a fine map of St. Christophers, now known as St. Kitts, showing the parishes, forts,...


1750 - A Chart of the Coast of Guyana, From the Entrance of the River Orinoco (in the Lat. 8°. 30'N. Long 61°. W. from London) to the Entrance of the River Amazones by R. Waddington.

  • $14.99

Scarce early English sea chart showing the coast of Guyana, with insets of the River Orinoco, published in London by Mount & Page. The map extends from the entrance thereof to St. Thomas, and the River of Surinam and places adjacent.


1760 - A Draught of the Coast of Guiana From the River Oronoque To the River Amazones

  • $14.99

English Sea Chart of The Coast of South America, from the Orinoco River to the Amazon River. Early English sea chart of a portion of the northeastern coast of South America, centered on Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. The map includes two inset...


1720 - A Draught of the Bay and Road of Marseilles, and the Neighboring Coasts; by Michelot, Hydrographer and Pilot Royal of the Galleys, and Bremond, Hydrographer to the King and City of Marseilles

  • $9.99

Striking chart of area around the Bay of Marseille, based the chart of the Marseilles region published in Henri Michelot and Laurent Bremond's Carte Generalle dele Mer Mediterranee. The map appeared in Mount & Page's English Pilot, Book III....


1729 - (Azores) The Western Isles . . .

  • $14.99

An Early Engish Sea Chart of the Azores Fine early chart of the Azores, which appeared in the English Pilot First Part, Southern Navigation.


1740 - A Chart of the Islands of Cape Verd

  • $9.99

Nice example of Mount & Page's sea chart of the Cape Verde Islands, which appeared in the English Pilot, Book I. Located in the South Atlantic some 300 miles west of Africa, the Cape Verde archipelago was discovered by the Portuguese in 1460. The...