Willem Janszoon Blaeu

Willem Janszoon Blaeu

Willem Janszoon Blaeu (1571-1638) was a prominent Dutch geographer and publisher. Born the son of a herring merchant, Blaeu chose not fish but mathematics and astronomy for his focus. He studied with the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, with whom he honed his instrument and globe making skills. Blaeu set up shop in Amsterdam, where he sold instruments and globes, published maps, and edited the works of intellectuals like Descartes and Hugo Grotius. In 1635, he released his atlas, Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, sive, Atlas novus.

Willem died in 1638. He had two sons, Cornelis (1610-1648) and Joan (1596-1673). Joan trained as a lawyer, but joined his father’s business rather than practice. After his father’s death, the brothers took over their father’s shop and Joan took on his work as hydrographer to the Dutch East India Company. Later in life, Joan would modify and greatly expand his father’s Atlas novus, eventually releasing his masterpiece, the Atlas maior, between 1662 and 1672.


1640 - Sicilia Regnum

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A gorgeous example of Blaeu's fine decorative map of Sicily, from his Atlas Novus. Blaeu's map is without doubt one of the most attractive of all 17th Century atlas maps of Sicily, with 2 ornate cartouches, large coat of arms, 4 sailing ships, sea...


1635 - Mediolanum Ducatus

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Fine hand-colored example of Blaeu's decorative regional map of Italy, centered on Milan. Decorative cartouches and fine topographical and geographical detail.


1640 - Pedemontana regio cum Genuensium territorio & Montisferrati Marchionatu

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Cinque Terre to Monaco and Milan Fine old color example of Blaeu's map of the Piedmont region of northern Italy, including Genoa, Milano, Crema, etc. The map extends from Monaco on the Riviera Coastline to Cinque Terre. Fine dark impression, with...


1640 - Genovesato Serenissimae Reipublicae Genuensis Ducatus Et Dominii Nova Descriptio

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Nice old color example of Blaeu's map of the Republic of Genoa. Includes a decorative cartouche, compass rose, sailing ships and sea monsters.


1640 - Regno Di Napoli

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Finely engraved map of the Kingdom of Naples. Includes 12 coats of arms of the local regions on left and right, along with the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Naples above the cartouche and the coat of arms of Spain at the top right.


1608 - [Algarve to Marbella] Afbeeldinghe der Zeecusten, tusschen de C. de S. Vincente en de Strate van Gibraltar: als een deel van Algarve, de groote Condaet, en de custen van Andalusien, vertoonende de rechte gelegentheijt aller Rivieren, Havenen, en Reeden

  • $14.99

Early Sailing Chart of The Southern Spanish Coastline -- Algarve to Cadiz and Marbella Rare sea chart showing the southern Spanish Coastline. The chart appeared in J Blaeu's Het Licht der Zee-vaert , first published in 1608. The charts for this...


1635 - Utriusque Castiliae nova descriptio

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Ornate and richly embellished map of Castille, showing Zaragoza, Valencia, Alicante, Cartagena, Madrid, Cordoba, Sevilla, Salamanca, Palencia, Segovia, Toledo, Cuenca, Granada, etc. Includes 3 decorative cartouches and 3 large coats of arms. Nice wide...


1635 - Aragonia Et Navarra

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First edition of Blaeu's decorative map of Aragon & Navarra, centered on Zaragoza, and showing Pamplona, Bayonne, Logronno Alcala de Henares, Huesca, Venasque, etc. Roman names shown for major cities. Two large decorative cartouches and two coats...


1640 - Legionis Regnum et Asturiarum Principatus

  • $14.99

Decorative map of the Northwest Coastal region of Spain, published by Blaeu. The map is bounded by Rivadeao, Lugo and Camora, Simancas, Valladolid, Palencia, Lerma, Burdos Laredo and Santillana and centered on Astorga, Leon, Oviedo, Aviles and Villa...


1640 - Insulae Balearides et Pytiusae

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A beautiful map of the islands of Majorca, Minorca, and Ibiza, along with the contiguous Catalan Coastline. The map appeared in Blaeu's Atlas Novus. Includes sea monsters, ships, royal coats of arms, and an elegant title scroll.


1640 - Catalonia

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Old color example of Blaeu's map of Catalonia, extending from C. De Romani on the Northern Coast to Alfachs and Panicola in Valencia on the southern end of the coast and showing the entirety of Catalonia in tremendous detail. Nearly 1000 towns and...


1640 - Gallaecia Regnum descripta a F.Fer. Oja Ord Pred.

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Old color example of Blaeu's map of the Kingdom of Galicia, extending from the Asturias de Oviedo region and Aviles in the Northeast, to Bayona and the Portugese border on the South, centered on Santiago di Compostella. Major cities include Corunna,...


1642 - Biscaia Et Guipuscoa Cantabriae Veteris Pars

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A nice example of Blaeu's map of the Basque Country region centered on Bilbao and extending from S. Andero to Calgurris and Baiona. From the Dutch edition of Blaeu's Atlas Novus.


1688 - Utriusque Castiliae nova descriptio (Gold leaf highlights)

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Gold highlighted, old color example of Blaeu's map of Castile, showing Zaragoza, Valencia, Alicante, Cartagena, Madrid, Cordoba, Sevilla, Salamanca, Palencia, Segovia, Toledo, Cuenca, Granada, etc. Includes 3 decorative cartouches and 3 large coats of...


1688 - Arragonia Regnum . . . (Gold Leaf Highlights!)

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Fine old color, gold highlighted example map of Blaeu's map of Aragon, centered on Zaragoza and extending to Balbasdtor, Huesca, Calataiud, Tortosa, Tervel, Albarrazin, Cuenca etc. Shows towns, rivers, mountains, lakes, valleys, etc. Includes 2 Large...


1620 - [Portugal] Pascaarte vande Zeecusten van Portugal tusschen de Barlenges en de C. de S. Vincente geleghen, vertoonende nae't leven de ware geleghentheijt vande vermaerde Riviere van Lisbona . . .

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Finely engraved sea chart of the Portuguese coastline, centered on Lisbon, which appeared in Blaeu's Her Licht der Zeevaert or Le Flambeau de la Navigation, first published in 1608. The map would later be copied by Jansson in 1620 when the Blaeu...