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1776 - An accurate Map of the present Seat of War, between Great Britain and her Colonies in North America . . . 1776

  • $14.99

Centered on the Great Lakes Scarce map of the Northern and Western part of the British Colonies in North America, showing the theater of the American Revolutionary War in 1776. The map extends north to James Bay, west to the Mississippi River and...


1780 - A New and Accurate Map of the Colony of Massachusets Bay, In North America from a Late Survey

  • $14.99

An early map of Massachusetts Bay Colony, which appeared in the Universal Magazine. Shows boundary line with New Hampshire Colony, Rhode Island Province, part of Connecticut Colony, boundary of Rhode Isle, early counties, etc. Nantucket, Martha's...


1775 - A View of the City of Boston the Capital of New England

  • $9.99

A View of Boston at time of the firing of the first shots of the American Revolution. Fine early view of Boston, published in the Universal Magazine, which also comes with the relevant text section describing the ongoing revolt in the British...


1779 - A New and Accurate Map of the Province of Virginia in North America

  • $14.99

Scarce map of Virginia based largely on the Fry Jefferson map, as revised in 1775. The map is one of the first large format maps of Virginia to have appeared in a British serial publication ( Universal Magazine). It provides an excellent depiction of...


1779 - A New and Accurate Map of North Carolina in North America

  • $14.99

Scarce colonial map of North Carolina, based upon John Collet map, which appeared in the Universal Magazine. Shows towns, counties, rivers, lakes, mountains, inlets, islands, etc. The map covers all of North Carolina westward to Table [Rock] Mountain...


1762 - An exact Plan of the City, Fortifications & Harbour of Havana in the Island of Cuba: From an Original Drawing taken on the Spot . . .

  • $14.99

Detailed plan of Havana Harbor, showing fortifications, soundings, topographical details, etc. Includes a large inset of Cuba.


1759 - A Plan of Havre de Grace, and the Face of the adjacent Country

  • $14.99

Detailed map of the area around Havre de Grace on the Seine River, along with the Canal of Harfleur and surrounding roads, rivers and town.


1759 - Plan of Dunkirk, with the Canal of Mardick, as they were in 1757

  • $14.99

Detailed plan of the city of Dunkirk, including fortifications, town plan, roads, farms, rivers and canals. The map appeared in the Universal Magazine.


1759 - Dresden, on the Elbe, Capital of Saxony, Residence of the Elector of Saxony King of Poland

  • $14.99

Fine early plan of Dresden was published in the supplement to the December 1759 issue of Universal Magazine, and accompanied an article on the city, with a focus on the treasures held within the Grünes Gewölb (Green Vault), a museum that holds the...


1770 - A New and accurate Plan of Constantinople from a late Survey

  • $9.99

Detailed plan of Constantinople, published in the Universal Magazine. Includes fine topographical detail, compass rose, roads, fortifications, etc.