Jan Jansson

Jan Jansson

Jan Janssonius (also known as Johann or Jan Jansson or Janszoon) (1588-1664) was a renowned geographer and publisher of the seventeenth century, when the Dutch dominated map publishing in Europe. Born in Arnhem, Jan was first exposed to the trade via his father, who was also a bookseller and publisher. In 1612, Jan married the daughter of Jodocus Hondius, who was also a prominent mapmaker and seller. Jonssonius’ first maps date from 1616.

In the 1630s, Janssonius worked with his brother-in-law, Henricus Hondius. Their most successful venture was to reissue the Mercator-Hondius atlas. Jodocus Hondius had acquired the plates to the Mercator atlas, first published in 1595, and added 36 additional maps. After Hondius died in 1612, Henricus took over publication; Janssonius joined the venture in 1633. Eventually, the atlas was renamed the Atlas Novus and then the Atlas Major, by which time it had expanded to eleven volumes. Janssonius is also well known for his volume of English county maps, published in 1646.

Janssonius died in Amsterdam in 1664. His son-in-law, Johannes van Waesbergen, took over his business. Eventually, many of Janssonius’ plates were sold to Gerard Valck and Pieter Schenk, who added their names and continued to reissue the maps.


1625 - America noviter delineata Auct. Judoco Hondio . . . [Exceptionally Rare Four-Border Variant]

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Extremely rare four-border 3rd state of Jansson's rare map of America, issued in 1623. The six views at the bottom are of South and Central American cities: Olinda, Cusco, Potosi, Ila Mocha, "R. Ianeiro", Mexico. As noted by Philip Burden in the...


1631 - Americae Descriptio

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Detailed map of America, which appeared in Jansson's Atlas Minor. The most interesting element of the map is the massive land bridge, running from North America to Asia, with only two small breaks. This configuration was derived from the globe of...


1632 - America noviter delineata Auct. Judoco Hondio . . .

  • $14.99

This is the 1632 state of Jansson's rare map of America, first issued in 1623. The map shows the Americas from Tierra del Fuego to Cape Mendocino and the Hudson Strait. Two inset maps depict the poles, with a large Australis Terra Incognita depicted....


1652 - America noviter delineata

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Nice old color example of the Hondius-Jansson Map of North America, first published in 1618. The map includes a marvelous peninsular California with the Northwest Coast of America stretching almost due westward toward Asia, with over 30 place names....


1648 - [Terrestial & Celestial Globes] Nobilissimis, Amplissimis, Consultissimis, Prudentissimisq[ue], viris D. Dominis Societatis Indiarum Occidentalium Curatoribus suos hosce Coelestem Terrestremeque Globos Joannes Janssonius Humillimus Cliens L.M.Q. dat, di

  • $24.99

Fantastic Matching Set of Seventeenth-Century Dutch Globes, Including Captain John Smith's Lost Earliest Mapping of Virginia. Exceptional matching pair of 17-inch (44 cm) globes by the famed mapmakers Johannes Janssonius and Jodocus Hondius II,...


1652 - Geographia Sacra

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This is a decorative example of Jansson's map of the Ancient world, including an inset of his modern map of the world. The map is based on Ortelius's 1601 map of the same title, which originally appeared in the latter's Parergon, while this present...


1650 - Mar Di Aethiopia Vulgo Oceanus Aethiopicus

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Striking example of Jansson's sea chart of the South Atlantic, showing the coastlines of South America, Southwestern Africa and the imagined Terra Australis. Tierra del Fuego is separated from the continent and a huge Terra Australis Incognita in the...


1636 - Nova Anglia Novum Belgium et Virginia

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First State of Jansson's highly influential map of the East Coast of North America, from the Carolinas to Nova Scotia. Jansson based his map upon Johannes De Laet's map of 1630 (created and engraved by Hessel Gerritsz of the Dutch East India Company),...


1651 - Belgii Novi Angliae Novae et Partis Virginiae Novissima Delineatio

  • $14.99

A Foundational Map of the Northeastern United States Nice old color example of one of the fundamental prototype maps of America. Jansson's map is the prototype for the famed Jansson-Visscher series and the model for the mapping of the northeast...


1635 - Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionali cum Terris adiacentibus

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Finely colored example of Jansson's edition of Hessel Gerritsz' rare chart of 1631. The area covered is exactly the same as the original Gerritsz map, except for the addition of the west coat of Central America. The nomenclature in North America is...


1639 - Virginiae Partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis, interjacentiumqus regionum Nova Descriptio

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Nice example of Jansson's map of the Southeast. Jansson's map of the Carolinas and Blaeu's map of the Carolinas are virtually indistinguishable cartographically, although there are a number of minor differences in the embellishments. Both maps are on...


1623 - [Four Untitled Globe Gores of North America]

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John Smith's Lost First Map of Virginia. An exceptional set of four globe gores depicting North America, prepared by Jodocus Hondius II and Johannes Janssonius, and engraved by Abraham Goos, for their 17.5-inch (44-cm.) terrestrial globe published in...


1650 - Mar Del Zur Hispanis Mare Pacificum

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A fine example of Jansson's sea chart of the Pacific, the first chart of the Pacific to show California as an island and the earliest sea chart of the Pacific to appear in a Dutch Atlas. A long chain of islands appears in the South Pacific, which are...


1641 - America Septentrionalis

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Hondius and Jansson’s Map of North America, A Map Central to the Myth of California as an Island Striking example of the first state of Henricus Hondius’ and Jan Jansson’s map of North America, called by Burden the single most influential map in...


1652 - Tabula Magellanica qua Tierrae Del Fuego cum celeberrimis fretis a F. Magellano et I. Le Maire detectus Novissima et accuratissima descriptio exhibeteur

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The Most Decorative Image of the Strait of Magellan from the Golden Age Fine example of the first state of Jansson's sea chart of the Southern tip of South America, illustrating Magellan's Strait and the recent discoveries of Jacques Le Maire. The...


1635 - Gviana sive Amazonvm Regio

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Showing El Dorado on the West Side of Lake Parime One of the best early decorative maps of the region known as the Kingdom of the Amazons, featuring large decorative cartouche, elaborate compass rose, 3 sailing ships and a sea monster. Huge Lake...