Joannes De Laet

Joannes De Laet


1625 - Nova Anglia, Novum Belgium et Virginia

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Quite Possibly The Most Important Map of the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Published in the First Half of the 17th Century. Johannes De Laet's highly influential map of the East Coast of North America is a cartographic landmark, depicting the region...


1630 - Florida et Regiones Vicinae

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The earliest obtainable maps of the Southeastern United States. De Laet's description of America is arguably the finest of the 17th Century. The map was almost certainly engraved by Hessel Gerritsz, based upon the work of Claesz in 1602, and Jacques...


1633 - Provincia de Brasil cum Adiacentibus Provinciis

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Highly detailed early separately published map of Brazil, published in De Laet's seminial work on America. The map was issued shortly after the Dutch arrival in the region in 1630, which focused on coastal settlements and lasted until about 1654. The...


1625 - Peru

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Important early map of Peru, one of the earliest obtainable maps to focus on the region and the first to rely upon the work of Hessel Gerritsz. This remarkable early map pre-dates the maps of Peru issued by Blaeu and Jansson. Johannes De Laet's...


1633 - Venezuela, atque Occidentalis Pars Novae Andalusiae

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An Early Example of Hessel Gerritsz's Map of Venezuela Detailed map of Venezuela, extending to the mouth of the Orinoco River. Gerritsz' map of Venezuela served as a model for other cartographers throughout the rest of the century. Gerritsz was...