Pieter van der Aa

Pieter van der Aa

Pieter van der Aa (1659-1733) was a Dutch mapmaker and publisher who printed pirated editions of foreign bestsellers and illustrated books, but is best known for his voluminous output of maps and atlases. Van der Aa was born to a German stonecutter from Holstein. Interestingly, all three van der Aa sons came to be involved in the printing business. Hildebrand was a copper engraver and Boudewyn was a printer.


1713 - Canaries ou Iles Fortunees suivant les decouvertes et es Observations des plus renommez Navigateurs . . .

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Decorative map of the Canary Islands, published in Leiden by Pierre Van der Aa. Includes an elaborate title cartouche and vignette.


1700 - M. Heberers Ongelukkige Voyagie gedaan in Verscheyde gedeeltens van Asia en Africa

  • $14.99

Decorative map of the Mediterranean and contiguous lands. The map was used to illustrate the Dutch translation of the travel narrative of German explorer, Michiel Heberer. Heberer (1560-1623/33?) has been called der pfälzishe Robinson, or Robinson...


1706 - L. Rouwolfs Reys-Togten, door de Levant, of Oosterse Landschappen der Middellandse Zee [shows Cyprus]

  • $14.99

Interesting map of the Mediterranean region, showing Leendert Rouwolf's route from France to Tripoli. Includes decorative cartouche.


1713 - Le Royaume de Danemark, Avec une Partie de la Suede, Pomeranie, des Duchez de Meklenbourg, Lunebourg, et Breme . . .

  • $9.99

Detailed map of Denmark and southwestern Sweden, published by Vander Aa, in his Le Nouveau Theatre du Monde . . . .


1707 - Kaart van Tartaryen Vogens de Voyagien door Johan du Plan Carpin en Acelin Inde Iaaren 1246, 1247 ens.

  • $14.99

Detailed map of the region from the Caspian to Cathay, illustrating the earliest two Catholic Embassies to the courts of the Mongol Rulers. Giovanni da Pian del Carpine was one of the first Europeans to enter the Court of the Great Khan of the Mongol...


1700 - De Agtste Oostindize Reys voor d'Engelze Maatschappie onder Kapitein Ioan Saris, gedaan ne Iava, de Moluccos en Iapan

  • $9.99

Decorative map of the region from India to Southeast Asia and north to Japan and Korea, including an illustration of the Great Wall of China, illustrating the Dutch translation of the account of the voyage of John Saris, Captain of the first English...


1707 - De Land-Reyse, door Benedictus Goes, van Lahor gedaan, door Tartaryen na China

  • $14.99

Interesting map showing the region of northeastern India, Nepal, Bhutan, Assam and Bangladesh. At center is the imaginary Chiamaeus Lacus with four huge rivers flowing south into Bangladesh and Burma. Decorated with a pictorial title cartouche of a...


1713 - La Chine, Suivant les Nouvelles Observations . . .

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Finely colored example of this early map of China and Korea, which appeared in Vander Aa's Nouveau Theatre du Monde. The map reaches from the Royaume de Coree (Korea) in the east to Siam in the south, showing the islands of Formosa and Hainan....


1706 - [Japan and Island of Korea] William Adams Reystogt na Oost-Indien; Avontuurlyle door de Straat Magellaan in't Keyzerryk van Iapan Voleyndigd

  • $14.99

Fine example of this decorative map of Japan and Corai Insula (Korea). The map was used to illustrate the Dutch translations of the account of the voyage of William Adams to Japan in 1600. The cartouche depicts Adams' reception at the Court of the...


1725 - Le Pais d'Eso Avec ses Baies, Bancs de Sables, etc. Suivant les nouvelles Observations des plus Celebres Geographes. . .

  • $9.99

Rare map of the Land of Eso (Hokkaido), which appeared in Vander Aa's Galerie Agreable du Monde. The map illustrates the northern tip of Japan, Hokkaido and the neighboring Compagnie's Land.


1700 - L' Inde de ca Le Gange Suivant les Nouvelles Observations de Mess'rs de l' Academie Royale des Sciences, etc.

  • $14.99

A highly attractive map embracing most of India, made during the height of the Mughal imperial expansion. The map encompasses most of India and Sri Lanka, showing cities, rivers, mountains, islands, political divisions, and more. An intriguing note...


1700 - Reys-Togt van Aleppo over Ormus, door Indien tot in Pegu en Siam Gedaan

  • $14.99

Detailed regional map of regions contiguous to the Indian Ocean, from the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia to the Gulf of Siam and Sumatra and extending North to Kandahar and the eastern Mediterranean. Caeser Frederiks traveled from Cyprus via...


1700 - Scheeps-Togt Door Don Henrique de Menezes van Couchin na Panatta int gebide des Samorynzen Konink Van Calicut gelegen

  • $14.99

Fine image of the Arabian Peninsula and much of India, illustrating the third and final voyage of Vasco Da Gama, which result in his death and the ascendancy of Henrique de Menezes as Governor of India. Vasco da Gama was a Portuguese explorer and the...


1706 - de Eilanden Maldives of Voormuur vanIndien met der slever tussen-gelegen Zeen

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Interesting early map of the Maldives, Ceylon and parts of Malaysia and Sumatra, illustrating the travels of Diego Lopez de Sequeira. In the early 18th Century, Vander Aa reproduced a number of rare manuscript and printed accounts of 16th Century...


1714 - Royaume du Grand Mogol avec tous les Pays qui en dependent, suivant les Relations des plus fideles Voyagueurs nouvellement donne au Public . . .

  • $14.99

Scarce Dutch Edition of William Baffin's Map of India Fine dark impression of the Pierre Vander Aa edition of William Baffin's map of India, which is widely regarded as the first English map of India and the single most influential map of India...


1719 - Goa Indiae Orientalis Metropolis . . .

  • $14.99

An Early View of Goa Decorative and detailed birds-eye view of the city and harbor of Goa. The map is based upon an earlier map by Jan Huygen van Linschoten. Linschoten served 6 years as the bookkeeper for the Archbishop of Goa (1583-89). While in...