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Andrew Ellicott (1754-1820) was an astronomer and surveyor. Prior to the Revolutionary War, Ellicott taught mathematics in Baltimore. A skilled surveyor, he conducted surveys of the Territory of Washington and the Mason-Dixon line. He also made the first topographical study of the Niagara River ad Falls. Ellicott was a member of the American Philosophical Society. He tutored Meriwether Lewis in astronomy before Lewis set out with Clark for their famous expedition. In 1813, Ellicott accepted a post as a professor of mathematics at West Point Academy. He died there in 1820.


1792 - Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia. ceded by the States of Virginia and Maryland to the United States of America and by them established as the Seat of Government after the year MDCCC.

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Near flawless example of the souvenir edition Hill's Plan of Washington, printed in red on linen. Hill's Plan of Washington is the earliest official map of the City of Washington, pre-dated only by the pirated miniature magazine edition of the Hill...