Paolo Forlani

Paolo Forlani

Paolo Forlani (fl. ca. 1560-1571) was a prolific map engraver based in Venice. All that is known of his life are his surviving maps and prints, of which there are almost 100 (185 with later states included in the total). He also produced a globe and two town books. It is likely he came from Verona and that he died in Venice in the mid-1570s, possibly of the plague.


1562 - La Descrittione Di Tutto Il Peru

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Forlani’s Map of South America—The Only Lafreri School Map of The Continent Rare map of South America by Paolo Forlani. It was the first map of South America to show the interior in considerable detail and is the only map of the continent produced...


1567 - Il vero disegno e ritrato di Franckfort posta nella parte di Franconia, regione d'Alemagna : con li luoghi principali di quela con l'ordine e sito loro dimostrati con nri. di soto conformi . . . MDLXVII

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Rare example of the Forlani-Zenoi view of Frankfurt am Main, published in Venice in 1567. The map includes a decorative coat of arms with the double headed Eagle and a key at the bottom locating 24 major places within the City. The map is quite rare...


1566 - Vera et ultima discrittione di tutta l'Austria, Ungheria, Transilvania, Dalmatia et altri paesi come nel disegno apare, graduata . . . M D LXVI . . .

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Rare Early Lafreri School Map of Hungary, Austria and the Balkans Region Nice example of Paolo Forlani's rare map of Austria, Hungary, Transylvania and adjacent regions. The map depicts the military activities in the region, between the...


1566 - [Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria] (La discrittione della Transylvania et parte del l'Ungaria, et il simil della Romania)

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Middle section of Paolo Forlani's rare 3-sheet map, covering South Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, with Transylvania in the center. Krakow appears in the north, with the Danube River crossing from the northwest...


1563 - Descrittione Di Tutta La Toscana Fatta Da. M. Hier:mo Bell'Armato . . . MDLXIII

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Fine example of Girolamo Bell'Armato's important early map of Tuscany, published in Venice by Bertelli and Forlani. Bell'Armato's map, first published in 1536, is the earliest printed map of Tuscany. Born in Siena in 1493, Bell'Armato's 4 sheet map of...


1570 - Cyprus, que olim (Macaria) id est Beata, Insula est in sinu Carpatij maris sita Veneri fuit sacra . . . 1570

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Rare Early Map of Cyprus By Paolo Forlani Second state of this rare early map of Cyprus, published in Venice by Paolo Forlani. The map is oriented with the east at the top and includes a nice descriptive cartouche at the top right. From the...