Johannes Cloppenburg

Johannes Cloppenburg


1630 - Virginiae Item et Floridae Americae Provinciarum, nova Descriptio

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Rare second state of Cloppenberg's map of the Carolinas and parts of Virginia and Georgia, first issued in the Cloppenburg edition of Jansson's Atlas sive Cosmographie in 1630. The map extends from St. Augustine in the south to just north of...


1639 - Germaniae Nova acaccurata descriptio . . . 1639

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Rare edition of Cloppenburg's map of the Holy Roman Empire.


1629 - Nova Galliae Tabula

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Rare separately published map of France, surrounded by views of French Cities, portraits and local costumes. Rare carte-à-figures map in its 2nd state (of 4) with Cloppenburgh's imprint;. This is the second state of the map of France first published...


1642 - Regni Bohemiae Nova Descriptio

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Fine example of the Evert Cloppenberg edition of Pieter Karius' map of Bohemia, with the additional view of Kaiserhof. Engraved by P. Kaerius, after E. Lubin. Insets: View of Prague; view of "Kaisers Hof".