East Africa

Antique rare maps of East Africa


1599 - Descriptio Hydrographica accomodata ad Battavorum navagatione Javam Insula Indiae Orientalis . . . 1595 . . . 1597 . . .

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The Earliest Obtainable Map To Show Houtman's Crossing of the Indian Ocean to the Java, Opening The Spice Trade to The Dutch in 1597. Finely engraved map, showing the route of first Dutch fleet from Zuider Zee to Java in 1596-97, under the command of...


1638 - Aethiopia Superior vel Interior vulgo Abissinorum sive Presbiteri Joannis Imperium

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Striking map of the Kingdom of Prester John, reduced from Blaeu's map. The map is embellished with elephants, monkeys, ostriches, etc., and includes a decorative title cartouche.


1657 - L'Royaume D'Abyssinie ou l'empire du Pre Te Jean

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Rare map of the Kingdom of Prester John, which appeared in Picart's Tresor des carte Geographiques, published in Paris. Picart's map is based upon Jansson's map, published in his Atlas Minor in 1628. The first French version of the map was published...


1740 - [Arabian Peninsula, Red Sea, Nile River and Gulf of Aden] L'Afrique . . . 1740

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Title cartouche section of the Le Rouge wall map of Africa, published in Paris in 1740. The map includes a decorative cartouche showing Europeans trading gold and slaves with local African leaders.


1598 - [Rare English Edition!] Delineatio Orarum Maritimarum, Terrae vulgo Indigetatae Terra do Natal, item Sofalae, Mozambicae, & Melindae . . . / The description or Caerd of the Coastes of the Countreys following called ~ Terra do Natal, all the Coast of S

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Rare English Edition -- Stunning Map of Eastern Africa Striking example of the rare English Edition of Linschoten's map of Eastern Africa, which appeared in the rare English edition of Linschoten's Itinerario, Iohn Huighen van Linschoten. His discours...


1669 - Pas-caert Van't Oostelyckste Deel van Oost Indien met alle de Eylanden daer onder gelegen van Cabo Comorin tot aen Japan . . . (and) Pas-caert Van't Westelyckste Deel van Oost Indien En de Eylanden daer onder Begrepen, van C. de Bona Esperanca tot C. Co

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Rare Sea Chart of Australia, Southeast Asia, and the Indian Ocean from the Dutch Golden Age of Cartography Early pair of sea charts of the Indian Ocean and contiguous regions. Australia is remarkably delineated for this early date and reflects recent...


1572 - Calechut Celeberrimum Indiae Emporium / Ormus / Canonor / S. George Oppidum Mina....

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Striking group of 4 city views, illustrating a trip from Africa to the trading regions of East, from Braun & Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum, the most famous and influential book of town plans published in the 16th Century. The top view shows...


1660 - Pascaerte van 't Westelycke Deel van Oost Indien, van Cabo de Bona Esperanca, tot C. Comorin

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Charting the Western Indian Ocean Decorative sea chart of the Indian Ocean, orientated with the north to the left. The highly decorative chart shows the East African coast, Arabia, Madagascar and the islands of the Indian Ocean with the Seychelles...


1661 - Pascaerte Van't Westelyckste deel van Oost Indien En De Eylanden daer onder Begrepen, van C. de Bona Esperanca tot C. Comorin 't Amsterdam . . .

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An Important Early Sea chart of the Western Indian Ocean Rare early sea chart of the East Coast of Africa, the Indian Ocean and the West Coast of India, by Jacob and Casper Lootsman, one of the first commercial publishers of Dutch sea charts. The...


1749 - Nubie, Abissinie et Cote D'Ajan. . . 1749

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Detailed map of part of the area centered on the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa, featuring modern-day Somalia and Ethiopia. The map features numerous small kingdoms, including the "Rme. de Magadoxo" in Somalia, presumably related etymologically to...


1804 - A New Map of Arabia, Including Egypt, Abyssinia, The Red Sea &c &c. . . 1804

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Includes The Caravan Routes To Mecca Large detailed map of the region, centered on the Saudi peninsula and the Red Sea. In the Arabian Peninsula, the map notes the Route of the Indian Caravans from Katif (El Qatif) to Mecca and the Route of the...


1574 - Presbiteri Iohannis, Sive, Abissinorum Imperii Descriptio

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Ortelius’ Map of Central Africa, Chronicling the Christian Kingdom of Prester John Nice old color example of Ortelius' famous map of the Kingdom of Prester John, from his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. The map shows...


1620 - Abissinorum Sive Pretiosi Joan:is Imperiu.

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The Kingdom of Prester John Large format map of the Kingdom of Prester John, the mythical African King whom the Crusaders believed had converted to Christianity. While Prester John and his Kingdom were mythical, it did not stop the major European...


1690 - Jobi Ludolfi Habessinia Seu Abassia Presbyteri Johannis Regio . . . MDCLXXXIII

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Scarce late 17th Century map of the Upper Nile and Kingdom of Prester John, based upon Jobi Ludolfi map of 1683. The map provides a detailed treatment of Ethiopia and the Eritrean coast, originating from an Ethiopian manuscript. Embellished with...


1836 - Карта Восточной Части Африки [Map of the Eastern Part of Africa]

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Detailed and very rare Russian-language map of Egypt and Sudan, published in Saint Petersburg in 1836. The map differentiates between "Egypt", "Lybian Steppe", "Nubia", "Darfur", "Kordofan", and "Abyssinia". Rarity The map is very scarce. We have...


1874 - Carte du Cordofan et du pays des Noubas Dressee par le R.P. Carcereri, missionre. apostolique d'apres ses voyages en 1871, 1872 et 1873.

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Scarce map of the Upper Nile and White Region, illustrating the travels of Stanislaus Carcereri in 1871-1873. Father Stanislaus Carcereri (1840-1899), along with six members of his order, played a vital role in the beginnings of missionary work...