East Africa

Antique rare maps of East Africa


1561 - Tabula Africae IIII

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Final edition of Ruscelli's map of the Northern part of Africa, bounded by the Mediterranean, Aethiopia Interior, the Canarie Islands, Asia Minor, Judia, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, Arabia Felix and the Nile, to its source. The map first appeared...


1572 - Aden Arabiae Foelicis Emporium Celeberrimi Nominis, quo ex India, Aethiopia ... [on sheet with] Mombaza [and] Quiloa [and] Cefala

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The oldest obtainable printed view of Aden, with smaller views of 3 other African Harbors. The harbors were among the most important ports along the Indian Ocean and were controlled by the Arabs and visited by the Vasco de Gama on his trip around the...


1572 - (Tangiers, Tzaffin, Ceuta, Arzila, and Sala) Tingis Lusitanis Tangiara. . . [on sheet with] Tzaffin [and] Salaa [and] Arzilla [and] Septa

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Views of the five northern and western African coastal towns on one sheet: Tangiers, Tzaffin, Septa (Ceuta), Arzila, and Sala. Latin text on verso. Braun and Hogenberg's Civitates Orbis Terrarum was the single most important town book of the 16th...


1700 - Barbarie, Biledulgerid (autrefois Libye) et une partie du Pays des Negres . . .

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Decorative regional map of North Africa, with an elaborate title cartouche. The map illustrates North Africa and part of the region inhabited by the Negro Countries.


1766 - Partie De L'Afrique en deca de L'Equateur … 1766

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Decorative map of the Northern half of Africa, showing nice coastal detail and some detail in the interior. Includes countries, native tribes, cities, mountains, rivers, islands and other points of interest. Ornate decorative border.


1842 - Nubia and Abyssinia

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An attractive map of the region centered on the Red Sea and the upper Nile, starting at the first cataract. The map extends to Somalia, Sudan, and Darfur in the west and to Yemen and the Sea of Bab-El-Mandeb in the east. Numerous towns, mountains,...


1638 - Aethiopia Inferior vel Exterior . . . .

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Attractive map of Southern Africa and part of Madagascar, shortly before the first Dutch settlement in the region. The area shown is from the Congo River basin around the Cape of Good Hope and up the east coast as far as northern present-day...


1708 - Carte Du Congo Et Du Pays Des Cafres . . . 1708

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De L’Isle’s Fine Map of Southern Africa Striking example of De L'Isle's impressive map of South Africa and Madagascar, showing De L’Isle’s characteristic precision and attention to detail. Stretching from Congo in the north to what is now...


1732 - Carte Du Congo Et Du Pays De Cafres . . .

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Strikingly engraved and detailed map of South Africa and Madagascar, with extensive notes regarding the local tribes, geography, mines, rivers, mountains, etc. One of the most attractive and scientifically detailed maps of the region published during...


1851 - Natal and Kaffraria

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Striking full color example of this marvelous map. Decorative vignettes of Entrance to Port Natal. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's Illustrated Atlas. Tallis was one of the last great decorative map makers. His maps are prized for the wonderful...


1895 - [Bilene - Limpopo River -- Mozambique] Esboco Hydrographico do Rio Limpopo entre a Ilha dos Patos e o Vão do Gongunhana, abrangendo o rio Changâne até ao Monte Chibuto: feito pelo 1º tenente da Armada Alvaro Andréa commandante da Lancha C.ª Capêllo dur

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Bilene, Mozambique -- Rio Limpopo From Chibuto to Military Post of Languene Rare separately published map of a portion of the Limpopo River, from the Mount Chibuto Region to the Military Post of Languene, just north of Xai-Xai District. The map was...


1548 - Tabula Africae III

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Nice example of Gastaldi's map of the northeastern portion of Africa, based on Ptolemy. The map extends east to Egypt and the Red Sea and south to Libya Interior. Snake with a human head and Ophimchus (winged creature) are shown. appear on the map....


1598 - The discription of the Islandes and Castle of Mozambique

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Rare English Edition! Decorative view of Melinde harbor on the island of Mozambique, which appeared in the rare English edition of Linschoten's Itinerario, Iohn Huighen van Linschoten. His discours of voyages . . . , published in London in 1598, and...


1625 - Abissinorum Regnu

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Detailed map of Prester John's Kingdom, extending from the Red Sea and Nubia the Angola, the Congo and Cafates. Shows a large lake Zaire. Includes a large decorative cartouche. Text discussion of Prester John. From the 1625-26 edition of Purchas His...


1655 - Haute Ethiopie ou sont L'Empire Des Abissins, La Nubie, et le Zanguebar . . . 1655

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Nice example of the first edition of Sanson's map of the Red Sea and Abyssinia, south to Madagascar, Zanzibar and the Congo Region. Fabulous detail in the interior of the map, including towns, mountains, lakes, rivers and a host of other information....


1687 - Habessinia Seu Abassia et Ethiopia

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Scarce early English map of the region south of Egypt and the Red Sea. This first map appeared in Modern's rare Atlas Terestris, first published in 1687.