East Africa

Antique rare maps of East Africa


1734 - A New Draught of the Island of Madagascar ats St. Lorenzo With Augustin Bay and the Island of Mombass at Large

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Scarce engraved sea chart of the coast of coast of Mozambique and the island of Madagascar with three insets of important ports north of Mozambique. This is an important map for Kenya as well, as it shows "Mombass Island", now Mombasa, with a...


1753 - Carte De La Baye De Mosambique . . .

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Fine example of this highly detailed map of the Bay of Mosambique, published by French Royal Geographer J.N. Bellin in Paris.


1860 - Countries in the Northern Tropical Regions of Africa

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Decorative pair of maps of Abyssinia and Central Africa, published in Edinburgh. Includes large views of Mount Mamrat and Lake Tsad (Chad), with smaller vignettes of indigenous animals and peoples.


1863 - [Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria and Northwest Tanzania]

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Fine early map of Northeast Tanzania, published as part of a Petermann & Hassenstein's map of Inner Africa. The map features a number of roads and the routes of 19th Century African explorers, including: Burton & Speke - 1857-58 Speke -...


1863 - [Uganda - South Sudan ]

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Fine early map of Northern Uganda,Lake Albert and the southern part of South Sudan, published as part of a Petermann & Hassenstein's map of Inner Africa. The map features a number of roads and the routes of 19th Century African explorers,...


1872 - Specialkarte Der Lander im Suden Des Tsad-See's, zur Ubersicht der Reisehn von G. Rohlfs 1866 under aller ubrigen Europaishen Reidenden In Diemsem Gebiete

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Scarce map of central Africa, illustrating the region to the south of Lake Chad, focusing on the explorations of Gerhard Rohlfs. The map identifies the routes of a number of explorers, including: Gerhard Rohlfs -- 1866 Major Denham -- 1824 Dr. M....


1890 - Carte de L'Est Africain Explorations de Stanley et de Trivier . . .

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Rare map of East Africa, published by the Gazette Geographique in Paris. The map details the routes of 4 explorers in East Africa, along with the area in conflict between the English and the Portuguese. The explorer routes shown include: Henry...


1895 - [Timbuktu and Environs] Carte de la region de Tombouctou au 1/500,000.e Dressee par Mr. le Lieutenant Vaisseau Hourst, Commandant la Flottile du Niger et Mr. le Lieutenant Bluzet de l'Infanterie de Marine d'apres la carte Caron et Lefort, les travaux d

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Rare map of the region around Timbuktu, published by the French Geographical Society in April, 1895. Finely detailed map of the lake region of Faguibine and Tele, near Timbuktu, formed by the branching off of the Niger River. This rich and...


1903 - [Kenya, Southern Ethiopia & Somalia - Jubaland and Tanaland Provinces] Boran

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Jubaland and Tanaland Provicinces Finely detailed map of Kenya, along with western Somalia and southern Ethiopia. The map extends from Lake Rudolph (Lake Turkana) to Lake Baringo and Afmadow in Somalia. Details include: Railroads completed and in...


1906 - Map of a portion of Somaliland

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Rare Ordinance Survey Map of Northern Somalia and Eastern Ethiopia, published by the British Ordnance Survey in 1906. The map provides an overview of roads, topography and coastal details, along with the Anglo-Ethiopian Treaty boundary of July 28,...


1956 - Nairobi Royal National Park

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The Survey of Kenya's First Map of Nairobi Royal National Park The first map of Kenya’s first national park, Nairobi Royal National Park, documenting wildlife, topography, and roads. It was compiled and drawn in 1956, just ten years after the park...