North Africa

Antique rare maps of North Africa


1706 - Opper-Ethiopien of 'T Ryk der Abyssinen door de E. Vaders H. Lobo en M. Almeida . . .

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Decorative map centered on the Red Sea and the Sources of the Nile River, published by Vander Aa. The map shows the explorations of Jeronimo Lobo. Jerónimo Lobo (1595– 1678) was a Portuguese Jesuit missionary. He took part in the unsuccessful...


1707 - Carte De L'Egypte De La Nubie De L'Abissinie . . . 1707

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Nice example of Guillaume De L'Isle's highly detailed map of the region between the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt and the Horn of Africa, centered on the Red Sea. The map extends west to include Sicily, the Southeastern Mediterranean Coastline of Africa....


1804 - A New Map of Arabia, Including Egypt, Abyssinia, The Red Sea &c &c. . . 1804

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Includes The Caravan Routes To Mecca Large detailed map of the region, centered on the Saudi peninsula and the Red Sea. In the Arabian Peninsula, the map notes the Route of the Indian Caravans from Katif (El Qatif) to Mecca and the Route of the...


1851 - Egypt, And Arabia Petraea

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Gorgeous full color example, with large vignettes showing the Mosque of the Sultan Hassan, Alexandria, Ruins of the Great Temple Karnac, Great Sphinx, Ghizeh and sail boats in the Red Sea. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's Illustrated Atlas. Tallis...


1609 - Natoliae Quae Olim Asia Minor Nova Descriptio [with] Aegypti Recentior Descriptio [with] Carthageinis Celeberrimi Sinus Typus [shows Cyprus]

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Three detailed regional maps by Ortelius, from his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. The first map covers Asia Minor, Cyprus, and the Eastern Mediterranean. The second map shows the region around the Nile, as far as Aswan....


1513 - [Tabula Moderna Prime Partis Aphricae]

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The First Modern Map of the North Part of Africa Nice example of renowned mapmaker Martin Waldseemüller's modern map of the northern half of Africa, published in Strasbourg in 1513. This is the first printed modern map of the region, showing North...


1525 - Tab. Mo. Primae Partis Aphricae et Tabula Secunde partis Aphricae. [Verso title.]

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One of the Earliest Obtainable Modern Maps of Africa Nice example of the 1525 edition of Lorenz Fries modern map of the northern part of Africa, the second earliest modern map to focus on the southern part of the Continent. First published in...


1525 - [Africa] Tabula IIII. Aphricae. Hae Sunt E Cognitis Totius Orbis . . . (title on verso)

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Rare, Early Map of North Africa, From an Early Edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia Fine map of Northern Africa, one of the earliest obtainable printed maps of the area, from Lorenz Fries’ influential 1525 edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia. The...


1574 - Presbiteri Iohannis, Sive, Abissinorum Imperii Descriptio

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Ortelius’ Map of Central Africa, Chronicling the Christian Kingdom of Prester John Nice old color example of Ortelius' famous map of the Kingdom of Prester John, from his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. The map shows...


1525 - Libyae Interioris Pars (Extending to Nile and Red Sea)

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Rare Early Map of North Africa & The Nile River Valley Striking early modern map of North Africa and Egypt, from the Red Sea, the Nile and Egypt to the Gulf of Libya. Extends up rivers along the Nile to Aden. Latin text and elaborate decorations...


1561 - Tabula Africae III

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Striking dark impression of Ruscelli's map of a part of North Africa and the Mediterranean, showing the north coast of Africa including Egypt and the Nile River. Ruscelli's Atlas is an expanded edition of Gastaldi's Geographiae of 1548, which has been...


1593 - Barbaria pars Africae, Comprae: hendens praecipua Loca versus littoria Maris Mediterranei

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Nice example of De Jode's map of North Africa, Egypt, the Red Sea and the Holy Land, including all of the Mediterranean coastline of Africa. The map is divided into two sections and includes an elephant, lions, battle scene, sailing ships and palm trees.


1597 - Tabula Africae III (Nile & Libya to Eastern Libya)

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A nice example of Magini's map of the Northeastern portion of Africa, based on Ptolemy. Extends east to Egypt and the Red Sea and south to Libya Interior.


1603 - Aegyptus Antiqua Terra suis contenta bonnis non indiga mercis Aut Iois, in solo tanta est fidcuia Nilo . . .

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Fascinating Map of Ancient Egypt from Ortelius’ Parergon, The World’s First Historical Atlas Gorgeous example of Ortelius' second map of Egypt, which was issued only in late editions of his Parergon. Ortelius’ interest in ancient civilizations...


1643 - Barbarie (with) Sein De Cartage (with) Aegypte

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Rare map showing the African Coastline of the Mediterranean, with two inset maps Egypt and Carthage, which appeared in Boisseau's Tresor des carte Geographiques, published in Paris. The map is based upon Jansson's map, published in his Atlas Minor in...


1655 - Royme. et Desert de Barca et L'Egypte Divisee en ses douze Cassiss. . . 1655

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Nice example of Sanson's 1655 double-page engraved map of Egypt stretching west to the Gulf of Sirte. Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667) sometimes called Nicolas Sanson d'Abbeville or Sanson d'Abbeville, was the most important French cartographer of the 17th...