North Africa

Antique rare maps of North Africa


1657 - Royaume et Desert De Barca, et L'Aegypte divisee en se Princiaples Parties

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Fine example of Egypt and eastern Libya first published by Nicholas Sanson in 1657. Sanson was the Royal Geographer to the King of France and perhaps the most important commercial mapmaker of his generation.


1711 - Aegyptus et Cyrene

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Detailed ancient map of the region between the Gulf of Lybia and the Red Sea, with marvelous detail along the Mediterranean Coastline and the Nile. Includes many ancient placenames throughout. From the Atlas geographus, edited by J. Nicholson, London...


1712 - A New Map of the North Part of Antient Africa Shewing the Chief People, Cities, Towns, Rivers, Mountains &c . . . Dedicated to his Highness William Duke of Glocester

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Decorative map of the north part of Ancient Africa. This decorative map was part of a set of 22 maps dedicated to William, Duke of Glouchester, who was then an 11 year old student at Oxford.


1794 - Egypt called in the Country Missir by Monsr. D'Anville of the Royal Academy of Belles Lettres, & of that of Siciences [sic] of Petersburg Secretary to H.S.H. the Duke of Orleans. MDCCLXV.

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Fascinating engraved map of the Nile north from Aswan, with extensive labeling of the sites along the river. Laurie & Whittle credit D'Anville as the source for the map. Expeditions further down the Nile did not proceed successfully until the 19th...


1797 - Charte vom Nil Strome, Aegypten, Nubien und Habesch, oder der nord-ostlichen Theil von Africa . . . 1804

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A detailed chart of Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia focused on the course of the Nile. Extensive detail is shown, with the many towns along the Nile, Red Sea, and other areas all labeled. Trade routes are shown through the desert and the mountain ranges of...


1836 - Карта Восточной Части Африки [Map of the Eastern Part of Africa]

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Detailed and very rare Russian-language map of Egypt and Sudan, published in Saint Petersburg in 1836. The map differentiates between "Egypt", "Lybian Steppe", "Nubia", "Darfur", "Kordofan", and "Abyssinia". Rarity The map is very scarce. We have...


1874 - Carte du Cordofan et du pays des Noubas Dressee par le R.P. Carcereri, missionre. apostolique d'apres ses voyages en 1871, 1872 et 1873.

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Scarce map of the Upper Nile and White Region, illustrating the travels of Stanislaus Carcereri in 1871-1873. Father Stanislaus Carcereri (1840-1899), along with six members of his order, played a vital role in the beginnings of missionary work...


0 - Barbariae Et Biledulgerid Nova Descriptio

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Nice full color example of Ortelius' map of coastal North Africa and the Mediterranean, from Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, the first modern atlas of the world. The map extends from Morocco and the Sahara to Libya and shows most of the...


1525 - Tabula. I. Aphri.

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Rare 1525 Edition. One of the earliest obtainable regional maps of Africa, focusing on Morocco and Algeria. First published in Strasbourg by Johannes Gruninger in 1522, Fries map is based upon Waldseemuller's map of 1513.


1525 - [North Africa] Tabula Moderna Aphrice

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Rare 1525 edition of Lorenz Fries's woodcut map of the central part of the North African coastline, with islands in the Mediterranean, based upon the work of Waldseemuller.


1542 - Il Vero Ritrato Dela Cita De Algeri

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Rare Early Map of the Holy Roman Empire's Siege of Algiers in 1541 The only known example of Matteo Pagano's Map of the 1541 Conquest of Tunis, engraved in Venice by the master engraver Matteo Pagano. This rare and until recently unknown woodcut map...


1548 - Mauritania Nova Tabula

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Fine example of Gastaldi's regional map of Northwest Africa, from Tangiers and Cueta to Villa Longa, the Atlas Mountains and Algeria. Giacomo Gastaldi is considered as the foremost Italian cartographer of the 16th century along with Paolo Forlani....


1548 - Marmarica Nova Tabula

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Nice example of Gastaldi's map of a portion of North Africa, centered on the Nubia Desert and showing Egypt, the Nile, etc. Giacomo Gastaldi is considered as the foremost Italian cartographer of the 16th century along with Paolo Forlani. From...


1556 - Parte Del 'Africa

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Striking Gastaldi Map of West Africa, Included in a Significant Travel Collection Finely-wrought early map of West Africa, compiled by Giacomo Gastaldi for Giovanni Battista Ramusio's Navigationi et Viaggi. This is an example of the first state,...


1560 - [Christian Conquest and Fortification of Djerba in 1560] Aviso Del Successo Del Arm'ata De Christiani che si truova in Barberia, & della presa del Gerbi diretta al. S. Comendator Cambiano dal S. Paulo de la gesia Comedator; et secretario del R.S. gran Ma

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Rare Broadside Showing the Fortifications of Djerba After the Christian Victory in 1560 Rare broadside plan of walled fortifications on Djerba, published shortly after the successful taking of the island by a multi-national Christian force in early...


1561 - Marmarica Nuova Tavola

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Fine early map of part of North Africa, centered on the Nubia Desert and showing Egypt, the Nile, etc. From Ruscell's edition of Ptolemy, Ptolemeo. La Geografia…, first published in Venice in 1561. The region of North Africa shown, was loosely...