North Africa

Antique rare maps of North Africa


1766 - Partie De L'Afrique en deca de L'Equateur … 1766

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Decorative map of the Northern half of Africa, showing nice coastal detail and some detail in the interior. Includes countries, native tribes, cities, mountains, rivers, islands and other points of interest. Ornate decorative border.


1792 - Carte De La Barbarie Le La Nigritie Et De La Guinee….MDCCXII

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Detailed map of North and West Africa, by Jan Elwe, based upon the earlier maps of De L'Isle. Richly annotated throughout and with excellent regional detail.


1806 - Charte von Nord-Africa Nach den neuesten Entdeckungen . . . 1806

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Scarce map of North Africa, published in Weimar in 1806. Incudes a fantastic depiction of the Sahara Desert. A scarce map -- this is the first example we have seen.


1813 - North Africa [with] South Africa

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Two outstanding regional maps of Africa. The north sheet extends south to the Mountains of Kong or Mountains of the Moon. The Sahara Desert appears prominently, with the routes traversing the continent through the Sudan very much in evidence. The...


1815 - Northern Africa

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Highly detailed map, extending from Morocco to Libya and south to the Great Desert. The map shows Nomadic tribes and a nice treatment of the western Mediterranean from Gibralter to Greece, centered on Sicily and Sardinia. Highly detailed regional map,...


1828 - Nubia and Abyssinia

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Decorative map of Nubia, Abyssinia and the Arabian Sea, published in London by Sidney Hall. Excellent detail. Includes towns, roads, annotations and other fine details.


1836 - Карта Варварийскихъ Владѣній [Map of the Barbary Possessions]

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Detailed and very rare Russian-language map of North Africa, focused on the Barbary Coast, published in Saint Petersburg in 1836. The map differentiates between "Morocco", "Algier", "Tunis", and "Tripoli". Rarity The map is very scarce. We have been...


1842 - Nubia and Abyssinia

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An attractive map of the region centered on the Red Sea and the upper Nile, starting at the first cataract. The map extends to Somalia, Sudan, and Darfur in the west and to Yemen and the Sea of Bab-El-Mandeb in the east. Numerous towns, mountains,...


1850 - Algerie. Colonies Francaise.

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Decorative map of the French Colonie of Algeria. Engraved by Raimond Bonheur, father of the famous French artist Rosa Bonheur.


1851 - Northern Africa

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Decorative full color example of Tallis' map of Northern Africa, with vignettes showing Morocco, Constantine, Tunis, Algiers and Mogador. The map was engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's Illustrated Atlas. Tallis was one of the last great decorative...


1861 - North Western Africa

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Detailed map of north and west Africa, published by John Arrowsmith in his London Atlas. The map is dominated by the Sahara Desert. In the Sahara, map is cris-crossed with early trading routes, oasises, and the location of Desert Wells.


1862 - Algerie d'apres Les Cartes De L'Etat-Major et Les Documents Du Ministere de la Guerre

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Stunning full color example of Andriveau-Goujon's 2-sheet map of Algeria. Fantastically detailed map of Algeria, with towns, roads, rivers, mountains, lakes, etc.


1920 - Mapa de la Zona Española en Marruecos . . .

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A Rare Promotional Map of Spanish Morocco Rare advertising map of Northern Morocco, during the Spanish Protectorate Period. The map includes the portraits of Spanish Foreign Legion "Africanistas": Lieutenant Colonel Santiago Gonzalez Tablas...


1946 - Fes-Rabat / Oujda

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Detailed 2-sheet folding map of the northern part of Morocco, published by the Moroccan Geographical Service. The map focuses on roads and topographical features.


1946 - Marrakech - Boudenib

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Detailed 2-sheet folding map of the central part of Morocco, published by the Moroccan Geographical Service. The map focuses on roads and topographical features.


0 - (Manuscript, Arabic alphabet, with French letter transliterations - Algeria)

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Remarkable Manuscript Collection of the French Invasion of Algeria, From the Collection of the Duke of Orléans Striking collection of 46 manuscript maps, and a few documents, showing northern Algeria. The maps date from the French invasion of Algeria...