Antique rare maps of Africa


1657 - Royaume de Maroc divise en sept Provinces &c. Tire de Sanut de Marmol &c.

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Fine old color example of this finely engraved map of Morocco, first published by Nicholas Sanson in 1654. Sanson was the Royal Geographer to the King of France and perhaps the most important commercial mapmaker of his generation. The map is based in...


1660 - Fezzae et Marocchi Regna Africae Celeberrima . . .

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Nice old color map of Morocco, showing large fortified towns of Marakesh, Taradante and Fez, towns, mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. Tanger, Cueta and Rio Rabata also appear. Large decorative cartouche and sailing ships. Ortelius is credited in the...


1660 - Africa ex Bello Africano [with] Egiptus ex Bello Alexandrino

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Small engraved map of two of the African theaters in Julius Ceasar's Civil War, produced by Pierre Du Val in Paris, circa 1660. The map shows the two African components of Ceasar's war of power consolidation, including Tunisia (showing the B.C. 49...


1685 - Barbaria (Gold Highlights!)

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Gold Heightened, old color example of Blaeu's map of the North African Coastline. From a composite atlas published by Abraham Wolfgang in Amsterdam.


1700 - Barbarie, Biledulgerid (autrefois Libye) et une partie du Pays des Negres . . .

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Decorative regional map of North Africa, with an elaborate title cartouche. The map illustrates North Africa and part of the region inhabited by the Negro Countries.


1701 - Partie Occidentale D'Afrique ou se trouve des Isles Canaries, et du Cap Ver dans la Mer Atlantique des Etats du Roy de Maroc, des Royaumes d'Alger et de Tunis, de Bilddulgerid, et le Saara, en Barbarie, La Nigritie, et la Guinee

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A striking decorative map of the northwestern portion of Africa and Madeira, the Canary and Cap Verde Islands, showing excellent detail throughout. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux. Nice wide margins and decorative cartouche.


1707 - Carte de la Barbarie le la Nigritie et de la Guinée Par Guillaume De L'Isle

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Detailed map of Northwestern Africa, published by Guillaume De L'Isle, the French Royal Mapmaker. Extends from the Kingdom of Tripoli and the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Guinea and the Gabon River, with remarkable detail throughout. Includes the...


1719 - Singularitez Curieues des Royaumes De Maroc et De Fez dans la Barbarie

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Decorative map and series of inset views of Morocco, with small vignettes of local life.


1725 - De Bay Van Oran Geleegen in de Middelandsche Zee Aan De Kus Van Barbaryen . . . 1725

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Unusual plan of the Harbor at Oran, showing coastal profiles towns, castles, etc. Locates and shows profile views of 3 forts, anchorages, soundings, etc. Includes compass rose, sailing ships, and a scale of Miles. OCLC locates only 1 example (Hebrew...


1728 - Statuum Maroccanorum, Regnorum nempe Fessani, Maroccani, Tafiletanin et Segelomessani Secundum suas Provincias accurate divisorum, Typus generalis novus . . . 1728

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Scarce map of Morocco, with two city views below. Includes a striking allegorical cartouche and inset map of Madeira.


1732 - Topographica Repraesentatio Barbarici Portus et Urbis Munitae Oran una cum adjacente ora maritima, quae sita est in regno Telensin, ab Hispanis jam primum Anno . et prosteaquam Anno MDCCVIII. Mavris. reipublicae nimirum Algiericae rursus cesfit, hoc Anno

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Scarce antique engraved view and plan of Oran, in Algeria, by the German mapmakers Homann Heirs, published in Nuremberg in 1732. In the view at the bottom, there are xebecs and other sailing vessels, including some firing on one another, possibly...


1766 - Partie De L'Afrique en deca de L'Equateur … 1766

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Decorative map of the Northern half of Africa, showing nice coastal detail and some detail in the interior. Includes countries, native tribes, cities, mountains, rivers, islands and other points of interest. Ornate decorative border.


1792 - Carte De La Barbarie Le La Nigritie Et De La Guinee….MDCCXII

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Detailed map of North and West Africa, by Jan Elwe, based upon the earlier maps of De L'Isle. Richly annotated throughout and with excellent regional detail.


1806 - Charte von Nord-Africa Nach den neuesten Entdeckungen . . . 1806

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Scarce map of North Africa, published in Weimar in 1806. Incudes a fantastic depiction of the Sahara Desert. A scarce map -- this is the first example we have seen.


1813 - North Africa [with] South Africa

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Two outstanding regional maps of Africa. The north sheet extends south to the Mountains of Kong or Mountains of the Moon. The Sahara Desert appears prominently, with the routes traversing the continent through the Sudan very much in evidence. The...


1815 - Northern Africa

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Highly detailed map, extending from Morocco to Libya and south to the Great Desert. The map shows Nomadic tribes and a nice treatment of the western Mediterranean from Gibralter to Greece, centered on Sicily and Sardinia. Highly detailed regional map,...