South Africa

Antique rare maps of South Africa


1732 - Carte Du Congo Et Du Pays De Cafres . . .

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Strikingly engraved and detailed map of South Africa and Madagascar, with extensive notes regarding the local tribes, geography, mines, rivers, mountains, etc. One of the most attractive and scientifically detailed maps of the region published during...


1749 - Pays de Cafres . . . 1749

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Attractive map of South Africa, from this popular atlas of the mid-18th Century.


1750 - Carte de la Baye de Saldana ou Saldane Dressee sur les Remarques de Navigateurs . . .

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Detailed plan of Saldanha Bay, northwest of Cape Town In South Africa, published by Bellin, the Royal Hydrographer to the King of France.


1753 - Kaart van de Tafel Baay vertoonende De Reede van C. De Goede Hoop.

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The First Modern Map of Table Bay, South Africa Cornerstone map of Table Bay and Cape Town, South Africa, from the extremely rare and important "Secret Atlas" of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). While it has been suggested that the chart may have...


1753 - [False Bay] In de Baay Falso

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False Bay / Cape Town, South Africa Rare chart of False Bay, which appeared in the so-called VOC Secret Atlas. The map shows "Post-huys", the signal blockhouse built as an observation post controlling False Bay and which was completed in 1673, a year...


1757 - Le Pays De Hottentots aux Environs du Cap de Bonne Esperance . . .

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Detailed map of a portion of South Africa, from Baye de St. Helen and Baye Saldane in the West, to Baye de Musssel in the East, centered on the Dutch Hottentot regions and Petit Cafres. Shows tribes, rivers, towns, mountains, lakes, bays, capes, and a...


1757 - Carte De La Baye De Sainte Helene

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Detailed plan of St. Helena Bay, northwest of Capetown, South Africa.


1760 - Carte De La Baye De La Table Et Rade Du Cap De Bonne Esperance . . .

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Detailed map of the Table Bay and Robben Island, extending north to Montagne Bleue. Includes nice topographical detail. Shows towns, fortifications, cultivated farming areas, etc.


1778 - Africae Pars Meridionalis cum Promontorio Bonae Spei Accuratissime Delineato opera Tobiae Conradi Lotter . . .

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Rare and quite late separately published map of South Africa, including inset maps of the Cape of of Good Hope/Table Bay, Saldanha Bay, and Cape Fort. The "Com Post" near Seekoe Valley, the east, became Vergelegen the famous farm, still in existence,...


1790 - A Plan of Table Bay, with the Road of the Cape of Good Hope, from the Dutch Survey. Published by Joannes van Keulen

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Rare First State of Sayer's Map of Table Bay Scarce chart of Table Bay and the Cape of Good Hope, published by Robert Sayer. The route of the Salt River is shown entering the bay just to the east of Capetown, which is shown in detail with the fort,...


1796 - Encampment At The Plantation of J. Slaber at Thee-Fontyn

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Copper plate engraved image of a plantation in South Africa, from New travels into the interior parts of Africa, by the way of the Cape of Good Hope, in the years 1783, 84 and 85. . . . by Francois Valliant. François Levaillant was a French author,...


1802 - Charte der Sudspitze Africa und der Colonie vom Vorgebirgedernugen Hoffnung haputeschilich nach Barrow's Neuesten Reisen enworfen und nach astronomischen Ortsbestimungen. . . .1804

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German edition of the First Modern Map of South Africa Detailed map of South Africa, published in Weimar in 1802, based upon a map produced by Sir John Barrow, which is considered the first modern map of South Africa. The map shows the settled and...


1806 - Charte der Sudspize von Africa oder des Hottentotten und Caplands . . . 1806

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Scarce map of South Africa, published in Weimar in 1806. Includes details on Boer Villages and other colonist details in the region. A scarce map -- this is the first example we have seen.


1827 - A Map of Southern Africa Compiled & Corrected from the Latest Surveys, By George Thompson . . .

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Early map of Southern Africa, illustrating the travels of George Thompson. The map illustrates Thompson's route, the Mantatee track (indigenous people) and the boundaries of the colony. Thompson was the author of a two-volume travelogue describing...


1836 - Cape of Good Hope. By J. Arrowsmith

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Early Appearances of Durban and Victoria. Fine example of the 1836 state of Arrowsmith's map of the Cape of Good Hope, one of the earliest maps to show Durban ("D'Urban") and Victoria. Lydiana appears, now a suburb of Pretoria. One of the best maps...


1838 - Cape District Cape of Good Hope.

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Wyld's Reissue of Faden's Detailed Map of the Cape Town Region. 1838 edition of this highly detailed map of the Dutch Colony on the Cape of Good Hope, first published in 1782. This attractive map gives an idea of contemporary knowledge of the area...