West Africa

Antique rare maps of West Africa


1548 - Mauritania Nova Tabula

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Fine example of Gastaldi's regional map of Northwest Africa, from Tangiers and Cueta to Villa Longa, the Atlas Mountains and Algeria. Giacomo Gastaldi is considered as the foremost Italian cartographer of the 16th century along with Paolo Forlani....


1556 - Parte Del 'Africa

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Striking Gastaldi Map of West Africa, Included in a Significant Travel Collection Finely-wrought early map of West Africa, compiled by Giacomo Gastaldi for Giovanni Battista Ramusio's Navigationi et Viaggi. This is an example of the first state,...


1561 - Tabula Africae IIII

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Final edition of Ruscelli's map of the Northern part of Africa, bounded by the Mediterranean, Aethiopia Interior, the Canarie Islands, Asia Minor, Judia, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, Arabia Felix and the Nile, to its source. The map first appeared...


1701 - Partie Occidentale D'Afrique ou se trouve des Isles Canaries, et du Cap Ver dans la Mer Atlantique des Etats du Roy de Maroc, des Royaumes d'Alger et de Tunis, de Bilddulgerid, et le Saara, en Barbarie, La Nigritie, et la Guinee

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A striking decorative map of the northwestern portion of Africa and Madeira, the Canary and Cap Verde Islands, showing excellent detail throughout. From De Fer's Atlas Curieux. Nice wide margins and decorative cartouche.


1707 - Carte de la Barbarie le la Nigritie et de la Guinée Par Guillaume De L'Isle

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Detailed map of Northwestern Africa, published by Guillaume De L'Isle, the French Royal Mapmaker. Extends from the Kingdom of Tripoli and the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Guinea and the Gabon River, with remarkable detail throughout. Includes the...


1766 - Partie De L'Afrique en deca de L'Equateur … 1766

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Decorative map of the Northern half of Africa, showing nice coastal detail and some detail in the interior. Includes countries, native tribes, cities, mountains, rivers, islands and other points of interest. Ornate decorative border.


1792 - Carte De La Barbarie Le La Nigritie Et De La Guinee….MDCCXII

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Detailed map of North and West Africa, by Jan Elwe, based upon the earlier maps of De L'Isle. Richly annotated throughout and with excellent regional detail.


1861 - North Western Africa

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Detailed map of north and west Africa, published by John Arrowsmith in his London Atlas. The map is dominated by the Sahara Desert. In the Sahara, map is cris-crossed with early trading routes, oasises, and the location of Desert Wells.


1646 - [Southwest Africa] Carta Particolare che Comincia con il Capo Aldea e Finisce con il Capo Degortam

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Fine example of the second state (L°6°) of Robert Dudley's chart of the coast of Southwestern Africa, the earliest obtainable sea chart of the region. The map shows the coastline of Namibia and Angola, with the Tropic of Capricorn running through...


1650 - Pas-Caart van Guinea en de Custen daer aen gelegen Van Cabo verde tot Cabo de Bona Esperanca

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A rare sea chart from one of the great nautical atlases of the Dutch Golden Age of cartography: De Zee-Atlas Ofte Water-Weereld. The map captures the west African coast from the Gambia River in the north (here called R. Portugues) to roughly Cape St....


1659 - Pascaart van de Zee custenvan Angola en Cimbebas van Rivier de Gaion tot C. de Bona Esperanca .. 1659

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Early edition of Doncker's sea chart of the West Coast of Africa, from Angola to the Cape of Good Hope, with a larger inset map of the area from St. Martin's Bay to the Cape of Good Hope. Hendrik Doncker was a famous bookseller in Amsterdam, who...


1700 - Cimbebas et Caffariae Littora a Catenbela ad Promontorium Bonae Spei / Pascaert van Cimbebas en Caffrares Streckende van Catembela tot Cabo de Bona Esperanca

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Nice old color example of Louis Renard's sea chart of the Southwestern Coast of Africa. Striking sea chart, with detailed treatment of the coastal regions, rhumb lines, compass roses, elaborate cartouches and sailing ships.


1625 - Abissinorum Regnu

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Detailed map of Prester John's Kingdom, extending from the Red Sea and Nubia the Angola, the Congo and Cafates. Shows a large lake Zaire. Includes a large decorative cartouche. Text discussion of Prester John. From the 1625-26 edition of Purchas His...


1860 - Countries in the Northern Tropical Regions of Africa

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Decorative pair of maps of Abyssinia and Central Africa, published in Edinburgh. Includes large views of Mount Mamrat and Lake Tsad (Chad), with smaller vignettes of indigenous animals and peoples.


1872 - Specialkarte Der Lander im Suden Des Tsad-See's, zur Ubersicht der Reisehn von G. Rohlfs 1866 under aller ubrigen Europaishen Reidenden In Diemsem Gebiete

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Scarce map of central Africa, illustrating the region to the south of Lake Chad, focusing on the explorations of Gerhard Rohlfs. The map identifies the routes of a number of explorers, including: Gerhard Rohlfs -- 1866 Major Denham -- 1824 Dr. M....


1596 - Insula D. Helenae Sacra Coeli Clementia et Aequabilitate . . .

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Spectacular birds-eye view of the island of Santa Helena, engraved by Baptista van Deutecum in Amsterdam, for Linschoten's Itinerario. Linschoten served 6 years as the bookkeeper for the Archbishop of Goa (1583-89). While in Goa, as a result of his...