West Africa

Antique rare maps of West Africa


1603 - Isola del Principe

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Early image of Sao Tome and Principe, off the coast of West Africa, from the De Bry edition of Olivier Van Noort's Description du Penible Voyage Faict entour de l'Univers ou Globe Terrestre, published by Cornelis Claes in 1602. Van Noort's map,...


1606 - Guineae Nova Descriptio

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Gorgeous map of the West African Coast from Rio Senego (Senegal) to Cape Lopez, just below the equator, and includes Guinea with parts of Benin and Lybia. Detailed inset of St. Thomas. The map reflects the Portuguese exploration and mapping of the...


1625 - Congi Regnu

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Detailed regional map, extending from Bramas to Angola and extending inland to Sierras de Cristobal and Salnitre. From the 1625-26 edition of Purchas His Pilgrims, one of the seminal early 17th Century English Language travel works. On a 13 x 9 inch...


1640 - Guinea

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Fine Map of the Guinea Coast Included in Blaeu’s Famous Atlas and Including the Famous Apes of Dr. Tulp Detailed map of Guinea, showing the length of a coast important to African-European trade, including the slave trade. Originally drawn by Willem...


1665 - Paskaart van Guinea van C. Verde tot R. De Galion . . .

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Finely colored example of Doncker's sea chart of West Africa, which appeared in his De Zee-Atlas of Water-Waerelt, published in Amsterdam, circa 1665. The map extends from the Cape Verde Islands, Dakar and the area just north of the Gambia River in...


1675 - Tractus Littorales Guineae a Promontorio Verde usque ad Sinum Catenbelae . . .

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Striking old color example of the first edition of De Wit's sea chart of West Africa, from his Orbis Maritimus ofte Zee Atlas. The map extends from Senegal in the north to Angola in the south, centered on the Bay of Guinea. There is a wealth of...


1684 - (Ghanaian Gold Coast) Pas-caert vande Goud Cust in Guinea van C. tres Puntas tot Acara, daer mede in verthoont word, alle binnens lands Proventien, wat aldaer voor Coopmanschappen verhandelt wort, als mede de zeden en manieren der Inwonders. Alles by de S

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Detailed sea chart of a portion of the coast of west Africa, covering the Ghanaian Gold Coast, published by Johannes Van Keulen in Amsterdam. The detail in the interior is spotty at best. The allegorical cartouche is suggestive of the English trading...


1690 - [Black Kingdom] Nigritarum Regnum

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The Black Kingdom Nice example of this decorative late 17th Century map of a part of West Africa, from the region surrounding the Senegal River to Angola. Nigritarum is the feminine plural work in Latin for the word negritis, meaning black. Richly...


1690 - Bocche del Fiume Negro et Isole di Cape Verde : possedute dà Portoghesi, scoperte da Antonio di Nola Genouese nell' anno 1440, ouero 1460, sotto la protettione d'Alfonso V. Rè di Portogallo

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Detailed engraved antique map of the West African coast showing present-day Senegal, Gambia, and Cape Verde. An inset map shows Île de Gorée (here called "Isola Goree"), which is a large island in the harbor of Dakar, Senegal. The island played an...


1690 - Genehoa, Jaloffi, et Sierraliones Regna

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Nice old color example of this detailed sea chart of the West African Coast, from Senegal to Sierra Leone. Decorative cartouches, rhumblines, sailing ships and other decorative features embellish the map.


1695 - Guinea

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Decorative map of West Africa, published by Valk & Schenk in Amsterdam. The map includes numerous animals in the interior, sailing ships and several elegant cartouches. The sea is show with Rhumb lines. The first state of this fascinating map,...


1702 - A Chart of the Gold Coast in Guinea From the River St. John to the River Volta

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Rare English sea chart of the Gold Coast, published by Samuel Thornton. The chart includes 2 sections of the West African Coastline, along the Cape Coast of Ghana. A number of Western settlements are noted, including: Dutch Factory at Fort St. Jago...


1714 - De Kusten van Guinea door een Brandeburgs Edelman, met twee vorstelyke Fregatten bezogt int Jaar 1682

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Sriking map of western Africa based upon the 1682 desciptions of Otho Frederic vander Greuben. Includes nice detail along the coast and in the interior, 4 ships (one capsized) and other decorative features.


1717 - Guinee Grand Pays de L'Afrique…

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Striking map of West Africa, including extensive notes in the interior and nice topographical details. Vander Aa's decorative maps were some of the best engraved and most interesting maps of the early 18th Century.


1732 - [West Coast Africa: Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea]

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Fine Map of the West African Coastline From a Celebrated Voyage Collection Detailed, striking map of the coasts of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea, from the Churchills' famous voyage collection, published in London in 1732. It is based on the voyage...


1732 - A Chart of the Gold Coast of Guinea from Rio da Costa to Rio da Volta [with a view of Cape Santa Appollonia]

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Detailed Map of the Gold Coast From a Celebrated Voyage Collection Finely-wrought map of the coast of Ghana, from the voyage account of Jean Barbot in the Churchill brothers’ renowned voyage collection, published in London in 1732. The maps of the...