West Africa

Antique rare maps of West Africa


1740 - Tractus Littorales Guineae a Promontorio Verde usque ad Sinum Catenbelae . . .

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Nice old color example of the Ottens sea chart of West Africa. The map extends from Senegal in the north to Angola in the south, centered on the Bay of Guinea. There is a wealth of navigational information including sandbanks and shoals. The chart is...


1743 - Guinea Propria, Nec Non Nigritiae Vel Terrae Nigorum . . . Aethiopia Inferior . . . 1743

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Strikingly-Illustrated Eighteenth-Century Atlas Map of West Africa Dynamic example of this highly decorative and detailed antique map of West Africa, published by the Homann Heirs in 1743. This is one of the best atlas maps of the region made during...


1743 - A New & Correct Map of the Coast of Africa, from Cape Blanco, to the Coast of Angola: Exhibiting all the European Forts and Settlements.

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Detailed map of the of the West African Coastline, with a large inset of the Gold Coast, from an early edition of the Universal Magazine. These early Universal Magazine maps are quite rare on the market.


1745 - Carte De L'Afrique Francoise ou Du Senegal . . . 1726

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Fine example of Philppe Buache's edition of De L'Isle's highly detailed map of part of the West Coast of Africa, from Cap Blanc to the Pays des Mallus, centered on the Gambia River and Senegal River. Extraordinary detail along the two rivers, tracking...


1749 - Partie Orientale de la Haute Guinee . . . 1749

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Detailed map of the Gulf of Guinea, published in Paris in 1749 Includes all or part of the modern countries of Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Ginea and Gabon, which at the time was primarily the "Kingdom of Benin."


1757 - Carte de la Rade de Benguella et Riviere de Cantonbelle . . .

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Detailed regional map of the region between Benguela, Angola and the Cantonbelle (Catumbela) River, from J.N. Bellin, the map maker to the King of France. The map includes Fort. Kabuto, which Bellin notes as having been identifed by the English and De...


1760 - Karte von denen an dem Flusse Sanaga und Gabra liege den Laendern in Affrica

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Scarce map of the coast of West Africa, centered on the Gambia Rive and Senegal River, from Heiden's Americanische urquelle derer innerlichen kriege des bedrängten Teutschlands.


1801 - Charte von Nieder Guinea und den angrenzenden Ländern Süd-Afrika's nach den neuesten und besten Hülfsmitteln gezeichnet von I. C. M. Reinecke.

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Fascinating German hand-colored engraved map of western central Africa, encompassing the Congo River Basin south to Angola. Congolese peoples are labelled and divided with hand-color into regions, with little detail shown outside of the coast. In the...


1805 - Nautical Map Intended for the use of Colonial Undertakings on the W. Coast of Africa from from Lat. 6° 15' to Lat. 14°N, Originally constructed by the late C.B. Wadstrom: but altered and amended, by Captain Philip Beaver to illustrate his African Memoran

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Detailed map of the region bounded by the Gambia River in the north and Cape Mezurado (Liberia) in the south, covering the countries of Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and part of Gambia, which appeared in Captain Philip Beaver's A frican Memoranda:...


1806 - Charte von Nieder-Guinea nach den besten vorhandenen Hulfsmitteln . . . 1806

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Rare early 19th Century map of the west coast of from Equatorial Guinea and Gabon to Namibia. The map is centered on Angola and the Congo.


1806 - Charte von Senegambaien und Ober-Guinea nebst deminnern Nigritien . . . 1806

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Scarce map of a portion of West Africa, published in Weimar in 1806. Incudes a fantastic depiction of the Sahara Desert in the north and the open unknown regions in the interior, with the extensive European Trading posts along the coastline. A scarce...


1820 - Chart of the Travels of G. Mollien To The Sources of the Senegal and the Gambia

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Scarce map of western Africa illustrating the travels of Gaspard Theodore Mollien to the sources of the Senegal and Gambia Rivers. The map covers modern day Senegal and Gambia along with Mauritania, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Mali, naming numerous...


1843 - Map of Part of the Western Coast of Africa Extending from the Isles De Loss to Sherboro Island. Particularly Exhibiting the discoveries lately made to the N.E. of Sierra Leone by Surgeon O'Beirne and Major Laing. Compiled from Original Documents in the

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Rare separately issued map of a part of West Africa, showing Sierra Leone and the Southwestern Part of Guinea, published in London by James Wyld. Wyld's map presents one of the most detailed treatments of the country of Sierra Leon to appear on a...


1849 - Westliches Mittel-Africa Senegambien, Sudan Ober-Guinea under einen Theil der Sahara . . .1849

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Fine large map of West Africa, published by German mapmaker Heinrich Kiepert in Weimar. Includes several insets, including an inset of the Free Colony of Liberia. Many early trade routes are located in the Sahara.


1851 - Western Africa

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Decorative map of Western Africa, showing towns, roads, rivers, lakes, mountains, etc. Vignettes show Chirstianborg, Cape Coast Castle, Bakel and Sierra Leone. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's Illustrated Atlas. Tallis was one of the last great...