West Africa

Antique rare maps of West Africa


1855 - The River Niger Shewing The Course of the Expedition Under Captain Trotter in 1841.

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Fine large format map of the Course of the Niger River, published by John Arrowsmith in London. H.D. Trotter was the leader of an expedition up the Niger River, as part of a delegation of British Officers, including William Allen (1793–1864), under...


1875 - Die Deutsche Afrikanische Expedition. Originalkarte von West-Afrika zwischen Muni und Koanza nach dem Standpunkte der Kenntniss zu Anfang 1875 . . .

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Detailed map of West Africa, showing explorers routes in the region. The map shows the expeditions between Muni River Region (Equatorial Guinea) to Koanza River Region of northern Angola. The map shows the routes of the following explorers: 16th...


1902 - [Northern Nigeria Protectorate]

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A Map Prepared for the British Conquest of Northern Nigeria. Detailed map of Nigeria and vicinity, published by W. and A.K. Johnston for the Intelligence Division, of the War Office (UK). The map is framed by the Niger River, Benue River, and Lake...


1906 - Sketch Map of the Republic of Liberia

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Mapping The Freed American Slave Efforts -- Republic of Liberia Scarce map of the Republic of Liberia, which illustrated an article by Sir Harry Johnston on Liberia, which was read at the Royal Geographical Society on March 27, 1905 and appeared in...


1946 - [Cote d'Ivore] Dakar et le Cap Vert Vue cavaliere de la presqu'ilse caput pulcherrimum - dessinee et elumminee par Abou Siril

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A Whimsical View of Dakar Whimsical promotional / pictorial map of the area around Dakar in the Cote d'Ivore. Includes the note "Université de Dakar, Institut Français d'Afrique Noire" on verso. The map is signed by Theodore Monsou.