Antique rare maps of Asia


1576 - Europae (with Ottoman and Persian Empires -- Section From Unknown Wall Map?)

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A True Cartographic Rarity -- Europe, Persia and Middle East Map Section, Likely From A Lost 16th Century Wall Map of the World Exceptionally rare separately published map of Europe, the Middle East, Persian Empire and the Tartar Regions of Russia,...


1600 - [Eastern Hemisphere Globe Gores] (Nova et integra universi Orbis descriptio)

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Extremely rare set of 6 globe gores, comprising the Eastern Hemisphere of Johann Oterschaden's rare work. The gores depict the world based upon the cartographic details prevailing in about 1540 to 1550. Among the more noteworthy features of the gores...


1983 - [Signed Political Satire Artwork] Vietnam ... Vietnam ... Vietnam ...

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Signed Artwork By Famed Political Cartoonist Bob Gorrell Original cartoon artwork on paper by world renowned political cartoonist Bob Gorrell. Original cartoon was drawn for the Richmond News Leader in 1983, showing Uncle Sam being shown various...


1558 - [First Map of the American Continent] Tavola dell' isole nuove, le quali son nominate occidentali, & indiane per diversi rispetti.

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First Printed Map of the American Continent Early state of Sebastian Münster’s map of America, the earliest to show all of North and South America in a true continental form with a continuous coastline. It is also the first to use Mare Pacificum as...


1603 - Maris Pacifici quod vulgo Mar del Zud

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The First Printed Map of the Pacific Ocean Old color example of Ortelius' Maris Pacifici . . . , the first printed map of the Pacific Ocean. Ortelius's Maris Pacifici map was first issued in 1590. The map is based upon Mercator's world map of 1569,...


1606 - [English Edition!] Maris Pacifici quod vulgo Mar del Zud

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Rare English Edition of The First Map of the Pacific Ocean from the First Modern Atlas Fine example of the English Edition of Ortelius' “Maris Pacifici”, the first stand-alone map of the Pacific ever printed. It was featured in Theatrum Orbis...


1570 - Russiae, Moscoviae et Tartariae Descriptio Auctore Antonio Ienkensono Anglo edita Londini 1562 & dedicata illustriss D. Henrico Sydneo Wallie presidi.

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One of the Earliest Modern Maps of Russia Striking map of Russia, based upon Anthony Jenkinson's rare map of Russia drawn in 1562. The map covers the region from the Gulf of Finland, Lithuania and the Black Sea to the Sur River, Tashkent, the...


1585 - [Europe, Mediterranean, Asia Minor and the Persian Empire]

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Fascinating early map of Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia Minor and part of Persia. The map utilizes a stippled style of oceans most commonly used at the end of the 16th Century by Dutch mapmakers, such as Jodocus Hondius. Unusual projection of the...


1720 - Tabula Geographica qua pars Russiae Magnae Pontus Euxinus seu mare Nigrum et Tartaria Minor cum finitimis Bulgariae, et Romaniae et Natoliae….

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Decorative map of the Black Sea Region, with a large decorative cartouche surmounted by the Russian Imperial Coat of Arms. The map extends north to Moscow and Smolensk from Constantinople in the south.


1778 - [Martin Behaim Globe / Book] Pars Globi terrestris Ao. 1492 a Martino Behaim Equite Lusitano Norimbergae confecti Delineavit Christoph. Theoph de Murr 1778 (bound with:)  Diplomatische Geschichte des Portugesischen berühmten Ritters Martin Behaims

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Behaim's Discovery of America -- Engraved Map Depicting a Section of Martin Behaim's Globe of 1492, Oldest Globe in the World -- Bound With Book on Martin Behaim Extremely rare map illustrating the "western" section of Martin Behaim's globe of 1492,...


1889 - Russia

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Decorative map from this famous series of trade cards.


1561 - Il Disegno Della Terza Parte Dell' Asia [Gastaldi's Wall Map of SE Asia with extra panels!]

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Final State of the Gastaldi's Wall Map of East Asia -- The First Great Wall Map of East Asia Fine example of Giacomo Gastaldi's rare 4-sheet wall map of Southeast Asia, China and India, perhaps the single most influential map of the region published...


1584 - Chinae, olim Sinarum regionis nova descriptio. auctore Ludouico Georgio. [English Edition!]

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Very Rare English-Language Edition of the Ortelius Map of China. Fine example of Abraham Ortelius's map of China, from the exceedingly rare English edition of his Theatrum, published only in one year - 1606. Ortelius' map of China is taken directly...


1594 - (Asia)

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Fine dark impression of Guiseppe Rosaccio's map of Asia.. The map shows a fascinating early depiction of Asia, with many place names. China is shown, including the Wall. No sign of Korea. Very early appearance of the Philippines (Filipine and...


1598 - Asia Partiu Orbis Maxima MDXCVIII

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One of the Earliest Maps to Show and Name the Philippines Rich, dark impression of Matthias Quad's map of Asia. The map shows the entire continent, from the east coast of Africa to the subcontinent to Japan. The land is covered with toponyms; small...


1600 - Asia

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Nice full color example of Ortelius' miniature map of Asia, from the first edition of Ortelius Epitome published by Giovanni Battista Vrients. J.B. Vrients purchased the rights and plates for Ortelius' Theatrum Orbis Terrarum and Epitome at the...