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Antique rare maps of China


1739 - Imperii Russici et Tatariae Universae tam majoris et Asiaticae quam minoris et Europae Tabula . . . 1739

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Detailed map of the Asian part of the Russian Empire, from the Caspian Sea and Bergen Island to Japan and the Pacific. The present example includes the portrait of Anna Ioannovna, who was regent of the duchy of Courland from 1711 until 1730 and then...


1749 - Tatariae Sinensis Mappa Geographica ex Tabulis secialibus R.R.P.P. Iesuitarum nec non Relationibus R.P. Gerbillon per Doom d'Anville . . . 1732. nunc Secundum L.L. Projectionis Stereographicae . . . Per Tobiam Mayer . . . 1749

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A scarce and interesting regional map of Chinese Tartary, extending from the Gobi Desert in the West to Mongolia in the East. Includes extensive notes and explanations in Latin. Based upon D'Anville's seminal work in 1732 map. The map Includes far...


1750 - Partie Orientale De L'Empire De Russie En Asie, ou trouvent les Provinces de Jakuckskoy, Kransnojarskoy, Selinginskoy, Ilimskoy, Krasnojarskoy, Narimskoy, Jenisseiskoy, Mangajeiskoy, & c. et les Confins de la Tatarie Chinoise. . . .1750

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Fascinating and attractive map of the Northeastern portion of Asia, including Russia, China, the Gobi Desert, etc. Includes cities, villages, rivers, mountain ranges and various coastal islands.


1757 - Carte Des Isles Kouriles d'apres la Carte Russe . . . par Laurent

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A striking map of Northern Japan and the contiguous islands and coastline. Very detailed and interesting.


1771 - Carte De La Tartarie Chinois . . . 1771

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Fascinating map of northeastern Asia by Rigobert Bonne. The map is bounded by Siberia and Korea in the east and extending to Central Asia and Chinese Tartarie. Highly detailed and attractive.


1779 - Partie Orientale De L'Empire De Russie En Asie…Provinces de Jakuckskoy,Nerckzinskoy, Selinginskoy, Ilimskoy, Krasnojarkoy, Narimskoy, Jenisseiskoy,Mangajeiskoy, &c…Tartarie…

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Interesting highly detailed map showing Central Asia, Russian Asia, Mongolia, etc. and extending southwest to the Gobi Desert and east to Kamchatka and the Northeast Passage. Based upon source material from De Vaungondy and De L'Isle's Russian Atlas.


1787 - Plan du Typa ou de Macao [with] Plan De La Baye D'Awatwska…Du Kamtschatka [with] Parti Du Japon ou Nipon

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Detailed maps of Macao, Awatska Island and part of Japan (Nihon), which appeared in the French edition of the Official Account of Cook's Voyages. Includes soundings and other details of each of the Bays.


1790 - Mapa Del Imperio de la China, de la Tartaria China y del reyno de Corea; con las Islas del Japon

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18th Century Spanish Map of China, &c. Rare Spanish map of China, Tartary and Korea, published by the Duke of Almodovar in Madrid. The map appeared in Volume 5 of Historia politica de los establecimientos ultramarinos de la nacionales Europeas,...


1806 - A New Map of Chinese & Independent Tartary, From The Latest Authorities . . . 1806

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Antique Map of Central and Eastern Asia, from the Caspian Sea to China A marvelous map of Chinese Tartary, Corea and Japan. Includes nice detail and notes in the interior of Mongolia. Shows towns, rivers, mountains, lakes and other features.


1834 - Northern Asia, From the Himalaya Mountains to the Arctic Ocean.

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Striking example of Arrowsmith's rare map the region North of the Himalayas. A highly detailed map of Northern Asia, taking in Mongolia, Tibet, Bhutan, Tartary, Siberia and Manchuria. Part of Japan engraved also. The map provides a highly detailed...


1838 - Siberia and Chinese Tartary

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Detailed map of Siberia, Mongolia, Manchuria, etc., issued by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK).


1846 - Russia in Asia and Tartary

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Detailed map of Russia, Tartaria and China, extending to Corea and Japan. Decorative border. An excellent map from the leading American mapmaker of the mid-19th Century.


1851 - Thibet, Mongolia and Mandchouria

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Striking full color example of this marvelous regional map. Extends to Nepal and Lake Balkach. Decorative vignettes of Dwelling of Tessaling Lama, Shigatei, Mausoleum At Teshoo Loom Boo, a Mongol Noble riding a camel, Fortress and Palace of the Dalai...


1904 - Carte de l'Extreme-Orient et du Theatre De La Guerre Russo-Japonaise

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Detailed map of the Theater of War during the Russo-Japanese War. The map was created to illustrate the progress of the Russo-Japanese War (1904 - 1905). The Russians and Japanese were struggling for control of Port Arthur, which would be surrendered...


1904 - Carte Du Theatre de la Guerre Russo-Japonaise (French Automobile and Cycling Map of the verso)

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Detailed map of of the Theater of War during the Russo-Japanese War, published in Paris. The map appeared as a "Prime Gratuite" offered to subscribers of Le Journal and is surrounded by advertising. Includes inset maps of: Manchuria, Korea, Russia...


1904 - Carte de la Guerre Russo-Japonaise

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Detailed pictorial map of the Pic, published in Paris. The map is surrounded by vast amounts of pictorial and textual information, including: The time difference between Port Arthur and Paris (about 8 hours) Portraits of Russian leaders across the...