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Antique rare maps of Japan


1666 - Pascaerte vande Zuyd-Zee tussche California, en Ilhas de Ladrones . . . 1666 (shows California, New Zealand, Carpentaria and Van Diemen's Land)

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Rare Dutch Sea Chart of the Pacific Fine old color example of Pieter Goos' sea chart of the Pacific Ocean, extending from Australia, New Zealand and Japan to California. Oriented with west at the top, Goos's chart is among the earliest regional maps...


0 - [Book with map] Nova Descriptio Geographica Tattariae Magnae tam orientalis (with Das Nord =und Ostliche Theil von Europa und Asia . . . )

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First Edition of Strahlenberg's Seminal Work on Russia, bound with an English Edition of the Map Nice example of the London edition of Strahlenberg's map of Russia, one of the most important maps of Russia published in the 18th century, bound with the...


1904 - Карта Театра Военныхъ Дѣйствій На Дальнем Востокъ (Map of the Theater of Military Operations in the Far East)

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Detailed Russian-language map of the Sea of Japan, Korea, Japan, and Vladivostok, issued during the Russo-Japanese War. The map was compiled and published by the Russian Corps of Topographers, with clearance through the censors in Kiev. The map shows...


1561 - Il Disegno Della Terza Parte Dell' Asia

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First State of the Most Influential Map of Eastern Asia Published in the Sixteenth Century Rare and highly influential map of India, China, and Southeast Asia by Giacomo Gastaldi, one of the most celebrated Italian cartographers of the sixteenth...


1730 - et des Rojaumes de Corée et de Japan

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Fine example of the Homann Heir map of Korea, Japan, Manchuria and easternmost Russia, published in Nuremberg. The map is the eastern sheet of a pair of maps published by the Homann Heirs showing China, Korea, Tartaria, Japan, etc. The Kingdom of...


1735 - Carte des Isles du Japon Et des Costes de la Chine les plus voisines Avec les Terres qui en sont au Nord Decouverte et soumises par les Russiens Sous lenom de Pays Kamtschatka dont on ne connoissoit anciennement que la partie la plus prochure du Japon app

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Rare D'Anville Map of Northwest Pacific Showing the Discoveries of the First Kamchatka Expedition Fine example of this important early map of Kamchatka and Japan, showing the sea route of the First Kamchatka Expedition. It also details the fanciful...


1749 - Tatariae Sinensis Mappa Geographica ex Tabulis secialibus R.R.P.P. Iesuitarum nec non Relationibus R.P. Gerbillon per Doom d'Anville . . . 1732. nunc Secundum L.L. Projectionis Stereographicae . . . Per Tobiam Mayer . . . 1749

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A scarce and interesting regional map of Chinese Tartary, extending from the Gobi Desert in the West to Mongolia in the East. Includes extensive notes and explanations in Latin. Based upon D'Anville's seminal work in 1732 map. The map Includes far...


1757 - Carte Des Isles Kouriles d'apres la Carte Russe . . . par Laurent

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A striking map of Northern Japan and the contiguous islands and coastline. Very detailed and interesting.


1787 - Plan du Typa ou de Macao [with] Plan De La Baye D'Awatwska…Du Kamtschatka [with] Parti Du Japon ou Nipon

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Detailed maps of Macao, Awatska Island and part of Japan (Nihon), which appeared in the French edition of the Official Account of Cook's Voyages. Includes soundings and other details of each of the Bays.


1864 - Carta Esferica Del Oceano Pacifico (Hoja I) Que Comprende Los Mares Del Japon & De Okhotsk . . . 1864

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Rare Spanish Sea Chart of the Northeast Coast of Asia, published by the Spanish Hydrographical Department. The chart extends from Korea and the Yellow River to Kamtchatka.


1904 - Carte de l'Extreme-Orient et du Theatre De La Guerre Russo-Japonaise

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Detailed map of the Theater of War during the Russo-Japanese War. The map was created to illustrate the progress of the Russo-Japanese War (1904 - 1905). The Russians and Japanese were struggling for control of Port Arthur, which would be surrendered...


1904 - Carte de la Guerre Russo-Japonaise

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Detailed pictorial map of the Pic, published in Paris. The map is surrounded by vast amounts of pictorial and textual information, including: The time difference between Port Arthur and Paris (about 8 hours) Portraits of Russian leaders across the...


1904 - Carte Du Theatre De La Guerre Russo-Japonaise-Prime Gratuite du Petit Parisien

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Scarce broadside map of the Theater of War in China and Korea, issued as a "Prime Gratuite" by the Petit Parisien. The map is centered on Korea and identifies by Color the regions owned by the different stakeholders in the War: Russia-Green...


1522 - Ta. Superioris Indiae et Tartariae Maioris (Modern Map of China, Japan, etc. -- Title on Verso)

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Finely colored example of Lorenz Fries map of China, Japan and adjoining regions, the first printed map to focus on China. Fries map of eastern Asia is the first European map to focus on the region of Japan and China alone . This map derives from...


1584 - Chinae, olim Sinarum regionis nova descriptio auctore Ludovico Georgio . . . 1584 [First State]

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First State of Ortelius' Map of China Old color example of the scarce first state of Ortelius' map of China, the first western map of China. Ortelius' map of China is taken directly from reports of the Portuguese mapmaker Luis Jorge de Barbuda...


1588 - Chinae, olim Sinarum regionis nova descriptio auctore Ludovico Georgio

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Fine example of the second state of Ortelius' map of China, the first western map of China. Ortelius' map of China is taken directly from reports of the Portuguese mapmaker Luis Jorge de Barbuda (Ludovicus Georgius), who made a manuscript map of China...