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Antique rare maps of Japan


1853 - [Concerning the Revised Locations of the Officials Assigned to Coastal Defence] [Kaisei kairiku okatame basho ni tsuki]

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Large double-page two-sheet kawaraban illustrating coastal defense against foreign navies. Published in the wake of Commodore Perry's arrival in Japan. The upper section of the kawaraban lists the officials assigned to coastal defense duty. The...


1853 - (Commodore Perry) [Clans Assigned to Defence Duty on Land and Sea for Maintaining Peace] [Kairiku okatame taihei kagami]

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Japanese Coastal Defense Against Foreign Navies. With a Depiction of Commodore Perry's Fleet and Flagship. This double page kawaraban map shows the officials responsible for coastal defense in lzu, Saga mi, Musashi, Kazusa, Shimofusa, and Awa...


1853 - [Clans Assigned to Defence Duty on Land and Sea in lzu, Sagami, Musashi, Kazusa, Shimofusa, and Boshu] (same as Awa) [Provinces for Maintaining Peace] [lzu, Sagami, Musashi, Kazusa, Shimofusa, Boshu Kairiku okatame taihei kagami]

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Large double-page kawaraban showing coastal defense against foreign navies, in the wake of Commodore Perry's arrival in Japan. A large map shows the coastal area in lzu, Sagami, Musashi, Kazusa, Shimofusa, and Awa Provinces with the names of the...


1853 - [Clans Assigned to Defence Duty on Land and Sea in lzu, Sagami, Musashi, Kazusa, Shimofusa, and Awa Provinces] [lzu, Sagami, Musashi, Kazusa, Shimofusa, Awa kairiku okatame]

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Woodcut kawaraban showing the officials responsible for coastal defense in lzu, Sagami, Musashi, Kazusa, Shimofusa, and Awa Provinces.


1854 - [Illustration of the Dutch Ship] [Ransen no zo]

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Popular Japanese Conception of Foreign Naval Power During the Post-Commodore Perry Era. Woodcut kawaraban featuring a handsome illustration of an elaborate Dutch paddle steamer. The text on the upper right indicates distances from Nagasaki to such...


1854 - [On North America. On Europe: Russian Empire, England, and France] [Kita-Amerika no bu. Yoroppa no bu: Teikoku Roshia, lgirisu, Furansu].

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The People in the United States are Brave and Have a Fondness for Learning. Kawraban woodblock sheet of text divided into four bands, each band containing a short description of the United States, the Russian Empire, England, and France respectively....


1854 - [Officials Assigned to Defence Duty along the Shore in Nagasaki] [Nagasaki kaigan okatame oyakunin]

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Woodblock kawaraban plan of Nagasaki Bay. The fan-shaped area in the middle of the image is Dejima where the Dutch were allowed to live and trade with the Japanese authorities. The square land on the left of Dejima is the Chinese quarter with the...


1854 - [Illustration of Foreign Attendants] [lkoku-jin zuishin no zu]

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Woodblock kawraban sheet showing two foreigners, who it seems probable are American sailors, holding an artillery gun and a spear respectively. The names appearing in the text which surrounds the two figures and the coastal scene on the left are the...


1854 - [Illustration of a Foreign Ship] [lkokusen no zu]

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Popular Japanese Conception of Foreign Naval Power after Commodore Perry's Arrival in Japan. Woodcut kawaraban showing a foreign steamship. This print graphically suggests the power of modern western technology to the very concerned Japanese public....


1854 - (Commodore Perry) [Names of Japanese Sumo Wrestlers.] [Nihon rikishi namae]

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Woodblock kawaraban showing Japanese sumo wrestlers carrying straw rice-bags (one bag weighs about 60 kg) to the American ship. At the second visit by Commodore Perry in 1854 the Edo government gave Perry 200 bags of rice. On this occasion, the Edo...


1855 - [The United States in North America | Russian Empire in Europe] [Kita-Amerika-nai Gasshukoku | Yoroppa-nai teikoku Roshia]

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This kawaraban shows the portraits of two officers, an American and a Russian, with explanatory text printed around these figures it reflects the interest in these two powerful countries following their arrival in Japan in 1853. It seems likely that...


1855 - [American Lady] [Amerika fujin] | [Chinese Man from Nanjing] [To Daishin Nankin-jin]

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Kawaraban Illustration of a 19-year-old American Woman. Interesting woodblock kawaraban illustrating a 19-year-old American woman named "Arikisanteru" [Alexandra], and a Chinese man from Nanjing kneeling at here feet suggesting he may be her...


1855 - [On Europe: Dutch Man, English Man, Russian Man, North American Man, and French Man] [Yoroppa no bu: Oranda-jin, Igirisu-jin, Furansu-jin, Kita-Amerika-jin, Roshia-jin]

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Hand-colored woodblock kawaraban of five western men in military uniforms. Counter-clockwise from the top right they are: Dutch, French, American, English, and Russian. The accompanying text largely focuses on Dutch seaborne trade.


1855 - First Landing of Americans in Japan Under Commodore M. C. Perry At Gore-Hama July 14th 1853

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The Most Dramatic Image of Commodore Perry Landing on Japanese Soil. Exceptional antique lithograph of Perry's first landing in Japan. The print is the most dramatic of Perry's first landing in Japan, and shows a flotilla of American barges, with all...


1860 - [USS Powhatan Carrying the First Japanese Embassy to America.]

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The First Japanese Embassy to the United States. Woodcut kawaraban sheet showing the USS Powhatan serving in its role transporting the first Japanese Embassy to the United States in 1860. First Japanese Embassy to the United States The Japanese...


1860 - [Concerning the Names of the [Japanese] Delegates to America.] [America-koku gojoshi on'namae duke]

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Treaty of Amity and Commerce between Japan and the United States. This image shows two ships with the Japanese delegates on board leaving Yokohama in January 1860 bound for the United States. Their mission was to exchange the instruments of...