Antique rare maps of India


1682 - L'India di qua' e di la dal Gange oue sono li Stati del Mogol e' parte del Imperio del fu prte Ianni et altri Regni di nova scoperti . . . 1682

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Nice example of the Cantelli-Rossi map of Northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tibet. The title carries a dedication to Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. Along the northern frontier, the map extends to Cabul, Samarkand, Nupal, Boutan and Lassa. The...


1683 - Inde

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A detailed map of the Indian subcontinent and surrounding islands, also includes portions of Southeast and Central Asia. From Mallet's monumental Description de l' Univers, first published in Paris in 1683, perhaps the greatest work of its kind in the...


1683 - L'Empire du Grand Mogol

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Fine old color example of this fine 17th Century map of India and Central Asia by Nicolas Sanson. The map extends from Persia in the West to Lake Chimay and the Bay of Bengal, with the Himalaya Mountains in the north.


1683 - Penisola Dell India di qua dal Gange et Isole intorno ad essa adiacenti . . . 1683

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Scarce decorative map India, Ceylon, the Maldives and neighboring regions by Cantelli da Vignola and published in Rome by Rossi. The map provides one of the most detailed and up to date treatments of the region. Includes an ornate cartouche,...


1685 - Insula Ceilon et Madura Exactsissime delineata et nuperrime edita per Ioannem de Ram

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Fine Original Color Rare Johannes de Ram map of Ceilon, one of the most decorative large format maps of Ceilon of the period. The island is shown in remarkable detail, along with the contiguous coast of India. Two large allegorical cartouches. The...


1686 - Das Reich Des Grossen Mogols

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An impressive map of northern India and the surrounding region. The map is superimposed on a scene showing a small city, with a river through the foreground and mountains in the background. Text hangs from the map containing a brief description of the...


1686 - Die Halb Insul Indiens disseit des Ganges Mid den Konigreichen Decan, Golconda, Bisnagar und den Kusten Malabar und Coromandel (with large view of Nagapatnam)

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An attractive and rare antique map of southern India, super-imposed on a trompe l'oeil tapestry over a view of Negapatnam (Nagapattinam). The image also includes an inset map of the Malabar coast. The map alludes to the fact that Nageptnam had been a...


1687 - Empire de Mogol

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Rare English map, extending from the Gulf of Bengal to the Mecon River. Includes Cabul and Napal in the North and Bombay in the Southwest. One of the earliest obtainable English maps of the region.


1688 - Impero Del Gran Mogol

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Striking example of Coronelli's map of Northern India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, etc., and extending north to the Himalayas. Some of the more interesting early place names include Cabulistan, Kandauna, Harduari, Binsola, Burchar, Kachemire, Iamba,...


1690 - [Persian Gulf, India, Pakistan, Iran]

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Striking example of a Coronelli Globe Gore Section, extending from the Persian Gulf to the Maldives and the west coast of India. The map appeared in Coronelli's Isolario.


1690 - Penisola Dell'Indo Di Qua Del Gange E L'Isola Di Ceilan Nell'Indie Orientali . . .

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Striking example of Coronelli's detailed map of the Indian Peninsula, from Guzarate to the Ganges. Fine large format map, with detailed topographical features. The map shows India below the Tropic of Cancer, with an insets of Ceylon and Trincomalee.


1697 - [Pakistan Afghanistan & Western India] Tab: IX Asia Continens Ariam, Paropanisum, Drangianam, Arachosiam, et Gedrosiam. . . .

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A striking Ptolemaic map of Central Asia, centered on the Indus River. The map extends from the Gujarat region in the east to west of Karchi, the north to the mountains. Mercator originally published this map in his 1578 edition of Ptolemy's...


1700 - Magni Mogolis Imperium de Novo Correctum et Divisum Per F.De Wit . . .

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An attractive map of the region bounded by northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and extending inland up the Ganges and Indus Rivers to Tartary and the Himalayas, including Katmandu, Kabul and other legendary cities along the great...


1700 - Sinus Gangeticus Vulgo Golfo De Bengala Nova descriptio

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Valk and Schenk's edition of Jansson's engraved map of the Bay of Bengal from Ceylan (Sri Lanka) to Sumatra. This striking large format sea chart was originally published in a Jansson sea atlas. European and Oriental vessels are shown crossing the...


1700 - L' Inde de ca Le Gange Suivant les Nouvelles Observations de Mess'rs de l' Academie Royale des Sciences, etc.

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A highly attractive map embracing most of India, made during the height of the Mughal imperial expansion. The map encompasses most of India and Sri Lanka, showing cities, rivers, mountains, islands, political divisions, and more. An intriguing note...


1700 - Reys-Togt van Aleppo over Ormus, door Indien tot in Pegu en Siam Gedaan

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Detailed regional map of regions contiguous to the Indian Ocean, from the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia to the Gulf of Siam and Sumatra and extending North to Kandahar and the eastern Mediterranean. Caeser Frederiks traveled from Cyprus via...