Antique rare maps of India


1728 - De Stadt Dabul

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Nice bird's eye-view of the Town of Dabul , from Francois Valentyn's Oud en Nieuw Oost Indien, part V : Beschryving van Coromandel, Pegu, Arrakan, Bengale, Mocha, Persien, Malakka, Sumatra, Ceylon. Francois Valentijn (1666-1727) was a minister,...


1728 - A Chart of the East Indian Ocean from the Islands of Maldivy to Cambodia

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Fine Chart of the Indian Ocean in an Influential Atlas Scarce sea chart of the Straits of Singapore, the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, the southern part of India and the Maldives, from the Atlas Maritimus & Commercialis, published in London in 1728....


1728 - Imperii Magni Mogolis sive Indici Padschach juxta recentissimas Navigationes accurrata delineatio . . .

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Detailed map of India, extending from the Ganges to Eastern Persia and North to the Mont de Caucause (Himalayas). Colored by provinces. Includes 2 large decorative vignettes and a sailing ship.


1730 - India Orientalis cum Adjacentibus Insulis Nova Delineatione ob oculos posita . . .

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Antique Map of Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean and Australia A nice example of Seutter's scarce map of the East Indies and part of Australia, from the Atlas Novus. The map extends from Japan and Persia in the North, to the Maldives and Australia and the...


1733 - Peninsula Indiae citra Gangem Hoc est Orae celeberrimae Malabar & Coromandel Cum adjacente Insula non minums celebratissima Ceylon . . . MDCCXXXIII

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Homann's Map of India Large and attractive map of Sri Lanka and the southern part of the Indian Peninsula, with an elaborate cartouche showing an elephant and elaborately clothed indigenous people. The map includes towns, roads, rivers, mountains,...


1734 - A New Chart of the Coast of Orixa and Galconda.

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Scarce engraved sea chart of the coast of India, northeast from Vizagapatam (Visigapatam on the map). The map includes details along the coast that suggest the firsthand surveying that went into its production. Soundings are given from harbor to...


1734 - A New Chart of Part of the Coast of Coremandell from Armegon to Bimlepatam

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Scarce engraved sea chart of the Coromandel coast in southeast India covering the state of Andhra Pradesh from Bheemunipatnam (Bimlepatnam) near Visakhapatnam to Armegon. The map includes details along the coast that suggest the firsthand surveying...


1735 - A Map of the East-Indies and the adjacent Countries; with the Settlements; Factories and Territories, explaning what belongs to England, Spain, France, Holland, Denmark, Portugal &c. with many Remarks not extant in any other Map By

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Proof State of the Grierson Map of Southeast Asia. Very rare, circa 1735 pirated edition of Herman Moll's map of the same title, published by George Grierson in Dublin This is the first large scale map of Southeast Asia published in Ireland. The...


1740 - India di la del Fiume Ganges overo di Malacca Siam Cambodia Chiampa Kochinkina Laos Pegu Ava &c.

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Scarce map of Southeast Asia and India, extending from the Gulf of Bengal to Canton province, from the Italian edition of Thomas Salmon's , Modern History: or, the present state of all Nations. . . entitled Lo Stato Presente... published in Venice,...


1740 - Nieuwe Kaart van t Keyzer Ryk van den Grooten Mogols . . .

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Highly detailed map of India, extending to Tibet, published by Isaak Tirion in Amsterdam. The map extends from the Candahar region and Lake Zara to Tibet, and south to Ceylon.


1740 - (Tharangambadi) Accurater Geographischer Entwurf Der Koniglichen Danischen Auf der Kuste Chromandel in Ost=Indien belegenen Stadt und Vestung Trankenbar oder Tarangenbadi u: Dansburg nebst denen dazu gehorigen Flecken und Dorfern . . .

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Scarce plan city of Tranquebar, primary factory for the Danish East India Company in the Madras Province. The Danish East India Company established a trading fort at Tranquebar around 1620. After years of sporadic and poor trading, Tranquebar became...


1744 - Ein Prospect Castells Jaffnapatnam, wie sich daslelbe uber das Wasser gegen das Thor, der Compagnie Stall, u werff praessentiret

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Birdseye view of the Dutch Fort at Jaffnapatnam, from Johann Wolfgang Heydt's Allerneuster Geographisch- und topographischer Schau-Platz von Africa und Ost-Indien. The view depicts Jaffnapatnam the fort on the coast of Sri Lanka. This Portuguese built...


1744 - Karte von der Dessawanay Colombo

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Detailed map of the Colombo region of Sri Lanka, from Heydt's Allerneuester Geographisch- und Topographischer Schau-Platz von Africa und Ost-Indie.


1744 - An Accurate Map of the East Indies Exhibiting the Course of the European Trade both on the Continent and Islands . . .

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A decorative and highly detailed map, extending from Australia, the Philippines and the Carolines in the east to India, the Maldives and Afghanistan in the west. Includes information regarding the course of the flow of the Ocean in the Indian Ocean...


1746 - Persia Sive Shahistan

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Terrific map of the Persian Empire, with ancient place names. The map appeared in an early edition of Cellarius' Notitia Orbis Antiqui, Sive Geographia Plenior...et Novis Tabulis Geographicis, which was published in London, Amsterdam and other places...


1750 - Nieuwe Kaart van t Eiland Ceilon . . .

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Striking example of Issak Tirion's map of Sri Lanka. Excellent and highly detailed map for the period.