Antique rare maps of Asia


1942 - The Russian Front

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Map of the Russian Front Published in the British Empire Fascinating WWII broadside propaganda map, published in India, in order to keep the local populous informed about the War. The map illustrates the Russian Front, from the Caucus Mountains and...


1958 - [Soviet Union] Our Country -- From Wooden Plough To Sputnick

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Fascinating Soviet map and promotional brochure, prepared for the USSR Section of the Brussels Universal and International Exhibition, 1858. The map shows the Russians at the North Pole and prosperously exploiting their bountiful natural resources....


1965 - Воздушные Линии СССР (USSR Air Routes)

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Attractive modernist travel poster issued by Aeroflot, the official national airline of the Soviet Union. The map highlights exclusively domestic routes within the Soviet Union. Interestingly, though not particularly unusual for the time, the routes...


1980 - ЕРЕВАН (Yerevan)

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Beautiful color-printed Soviet-era map of Yerevan, then-capital of the Armenian SSR. This is a somewhat typical Soviet era tourist map, highlighting the major parks, and neighborhoods of Yerevan. It includes a panel on the history of the city, and on...


1982 - Vladimir Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization (Всесоюзная пионерская организация имени В. Л. Ленина)

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A Propaganda Map for Soviet Children -- The Soviet Boys and Girls Scouts Educational/Propaganda map of the Soviet Union (including Baltic & Southern republics) showing the State border, key cities, pioneer museums and large construction projects...


1542 - Tabula Asiae II

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Rare first edition of Munster's Ptolemaic map of part of the Ukraine and the region between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea extending south to include all of Armenia Maior and part of Armenia Minoris. Shows Noahs Arc in the Caspian Sea, believed to have...


1548 - Tabula Asiae II ((Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia)

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Fine example of Gastaldi's map of Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and neighboring regions, based upon the work of Claudius Ptolemy. Giacomo Gastaldi's Atlas of 1548 has been called the most comprehensive atlas produced between Martin...


1706 - Carte De Tartarie dressee sur les Relations . . . 1706

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Nice example of this detailed map of Tartary, consisting of the Eastern part of Russia, Central Asia, China and Korea, first published by Nicholas De L'Isle in 1706. The map extends from the Peninsula of Korea in the east to the Caspian and Black...


1776 - Carte Des Environs De La Mer Noire ou se Troubent l'Ukrayne, La Petite Tartarie, et Les Confins de la Russie Europeene, et de L Turquie . . . .

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Scarce regional map centered on the Black Sea, published in Venice by Francois Santini. One of the most detailed maps of the region published in the mid-18th century.


1610 - Turcici Imperii Imago [shows Cyprus]

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Fine Map of the Ottoman Empire from the Mercator-Hondius Atlas Striking example of this map of the Ottoman Empire, showing their territories in the Balkans, Anatolia, the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula, and North Africa. It was published by Henricus...


1854 - Tooneel Van Den Oorlog In Het Oosten . . . 1854

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Rare large format map of the region between Greece and Hungary in the west and Iraq and the Caspian Sea in the east, centered on Turkey. The map shows rivers, roads, topographical and other features. This is the first time we have seen the map.


1624 - Alexandri Magni Macedonis Expeditio

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Detailed map of Alexander the Great's expedition to Macedonia. Includes an inset: Iovis Ammonis Oraculum, the oracle in Lybia which Alexander visited before he went to India. Several decorative cartouches, sailing ships, sea monsters, etc.


1625 - Peregrinatio Pauli In qua & omnia quorum fit mentio in actis et epistolis Apostolorum et Apocalysi describuntur (shows Cyprus)

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Striking map of the Eastern Mediterranean, from Italy and Sicily to Cyprus and the Holy Land, centered on Greece and the Aegean Sea. Includes English text on both sides. From the 1625-26 edition of Purchas His Pilgrims, one of the seminal early 17th...


1695 - De Beschryvingh Van de Reysen Pauli en Van de Andere Apostelen Met des Selss Landen en Koenignrijke daer Sy het Evangelium . . .

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Nice example of Stoopendahl's map of the Eastern Mediterranean, showing the Travels of the Apostels. The map illustrates the travels of Paul in the Mediterranean, and includes 8 biblical scenes from Paul's travels.


1719 - Carte Historique, Cronologique Et Geographique De L'Empire Grec Avce Des Remarques Sur Les Conquestes D'Alexandre Le Grand…

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Mapping the Conquests of Alexander the Great. Interesting historical map of the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Sea regions under Greek Rule. The map has excellent toponymic detail throughout, including extensive notes, trade routes, etc. The...


1595 - Turcicum Imperium

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Decorative miniature map of the Turkish Empire. The map appeared in an early edition of Ortelius' Epitome, first published in 1579.