Antique rare maps of Asia


1783 - Russie D'Europe avec la partie la plus peuplee de cell D'Asie Le tout divise en quatrorze Gouvernemens, Selon le nouvel Atlas de l'Empire Russien . . .

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Detailed map of Russia, extending from Scandinavia and Baltics to nearly the Pacific. Shows forests, rivers, towns, mtns, lakes, etc. 2 decorative cartouches. The map is based upon the rescently completely Atlas of Russia, for which the famous French...


1783 - Cazan, 1767.

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Rare 18th-century View of Kazan. Large engraved view of Kazan from across the Volga River, showing the elevated citadel and the many church spires. The view was published in Historique physique, morale, civile et politique de la Russie Ancienne....


1794 - A New and Accurate Map of the Russian Empire

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Interesting map of the Russian Empire, extending from the Baltic and the Caspian Seas in the West to the Bering Straits, Kamtchatka and the Sea of Okhotsk in the East. Shows towns, rivers, mountains, lakes, etc. Striking original wash colors. Robert...


1794 - A Map of Independent Tartary, Containing The Countries of the Kalmuks and Uzbeks, with the Tibet . . . 1774

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Detailed regional map, extending from European Russia and the Caspian Sea to Chinese Tartary. Nice detail in Tibet, Bukaria, and the Mountainous regions of western China. From Dunn's New Atlas or Mundane System of Geography.


1794 - Russia, Divided into Governments . . .

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Finely colored map of Russia and its political divisions. Includes towns, mountains, rivers, lakes, islands, etc. From Dunn's New Atlas or Mundane System of Geography.


1806 - L' Empire Russe en Europe et en Asie avec ses Acquisitions graduelles et caracterisees

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Rare Florentine map of Russia with original color showing the growth of the empire under the major rulers. Includes numerous notations and explanations. Panels of text describe the history and geography of the region. Side includes text panels. This...


1807 - Charte das Russische Reiche und ide von den Tatarn Bewohnte Lander in Europa und Asia Enthalten . . . 1807

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Rare late edition of this detailed map of the whole of Russia and parts of China and Central Asia. Interesting and highly detailed. This is the first time we have seen this state of the map.


1828 - Russian Empire [with] Chart of the Communication Between The Archipelago And Black Sea

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Unusual pair of maps of Russia and the water route from the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, published in Edinburgh by Thomson. Striking regional map, showing all of Russia, the Arctic Ocean, Northeast Passage, and Chinese Tartary, along with Japan,...


1836 - Russian Empire

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Full color example of the first edition of David Burr's map of the Russian Empire, which appeared in his Universal Atlas, first issued in 1836. Burr's Atlas was perhaps the most elegant American commercially published atlas of its time, utilizing...


1837 - Karte vom Ural Gebirge Gegrundet auf die austromischen Beobachtungen von Wischnewsky, Schubert, A. v. Humboldt, Ad. Erman, und auf handschiftliche Specialkarten. . . 1837

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Rare and highly detailed map of the Ural region, with a large inset of the Bjelaja Gora area. The map shows post roads, government roads, district roads, mountains, rivers, lakes, towns, boundaries and a host of other details. There are very few maps...


1871 - (Russian Adventurism in China) Карта Средней Азии Составлена К. Веберомъ... 1871. [Map of Central Asia Compiled by K. Weber... 1871.]

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The Russian Empire Eyes Western China. Important manuscript map of northern and western China and Mongolia prepared by K. Weber, Beijing, 1871, and copied by L. Brosse in St Petersburg. The map was the product of a major Russian expedition in China...


1894 - [Transport Map of Russia: 'Map of the routes of Steamships, Communication lines, Railways and Roads in the Russian Empire'] Carta Parahodnyii Soobshenyii Zheleznyii i Poutovyii Dorog Rossiyskoi Imierin

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A large-format and highly detailed wall map detailing the transportation networks within Russia during the mid-1890s, the authoritative map by the firm of A. Ilyin, then Russia's foremost producer of Russian Cartography. This rare and very...


1904 - Карта Театра Военныхъ Дѣйствій На Дальнем Востокъ (Map of the Theater of Military Operations in the Far East)

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Detailed Russian-language map of the Sea of Japan, Korea, Japan, and Vladivostok, issued during the Russo-Japanese War. The map was compiled and published by the Russian Corps of Topographers, with clearance through the censors in Kiev. The map shows...


1914 - Карта Россійской Имперіи (Map of the Russian Empire)

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Excellent Russian-language antique map of Russia, published in the last years of the Russian Empire. The map was published by the Alexey Iliyn Cartograph Institute, which was named after one of Imperial Russia's great 19th-century cartographers. The...


1936 - The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Union)

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Soviet Russia Today was a pro-Communist magazine first published in February 1932, in New York, by the Friends of the Soviet Union. An interesting political map of the Soviet Union from the time of the Great Purge. The map pre-dates the annexation of...


1940 - (Second World War - Caucasus) Batum und Umgebung

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Four-sheet color-printed topographical map of the Adjarian Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and neighboring regions, prepared for strategic use by the General Staff of the German Army. The map is based on a 1917 German General Staff map. The area...