Russia in Asia

Antique rare maps of Russia in Asia


1680 - Tabula Tartariae et majoris partis Regni Chinae . . .

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Attractive example of De Wit's map of the northeastern part of Asia. The map extends from the Island of Formosa, the Ganges and the eastern part of the Caspian in the south to Yesso, Tartaria, Siberia and Molgomzaia in Russian Asia in the north. The...


1681 - Tartaria

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Rare Miniature English Map of Tartary. Rare English map of Tartary, which appeared in Moore's A New Geography. Many of the plates in the work were engraved by Herman Moll, who had moved to London in 1678 and had not yet begun publishing under his...


1682 - A Mapp of y Kingdome of Tartary . . .

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Rare Late State of the First Map of Tartaria Engraved In England. Nicely colored example of this scarce map of Tartaria. The present example is from a very late edition, where the title, dedication and coat of arms have been completely re-engraved....


1683 - Tecki

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Map of the Terki fortress in the modern day Saratov Oblast, north of the Caspian Sea on the Volga River. From Mallet's monumental Description de l' Univers, first published in Paris in 1683, perhaps the greatest work of its kind in the 17th Century.


1683 - La Grande Tartarie

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Fine old color example of this fine 17th Century map of Grand Tartaie by Nicolas Sanson. The map extends from the Tartarie Desert and Usbekistan in the west to Corea and Northeastern China.


1683 - La Gran Tartaria divisa nelle sue parti prinicpali . . . conforme le relazioni, che s' hanno da gl'Itineraij de P.P. della Comp di Giesu di Monsu Tavernier e dalle Raccolie di Monsi Thevenot . . . 1683

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First edition of The Cantelli-Rossi map of Grand Tartary, extending from the Caspian to Japan and the Pacific and from Tibet to the Arctic. The Great Wall is shown, along with the Gobi Desert, Tibet, Korea and elongated peninsula, curiously shaped...


1698 - Carte Nouvelle de la Grande Tartarie, par Monsieur N: Witsen, Bourgemaistre. &c. &c. . . .

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Highly Detailed Map of Tartary by Dutch Statesman and Russian Specialist Nicolaas Witsen with details from the Travels of Verbiest in China and De Vries in the North Pacific Nice example of Pierre Mortier's decorative and detailed map showing Central...


1700 - A New Map of Great Tartary and China, with the adjoyning Parts of Asia, Taken from Mr. De Fer's Map of Asia. Dedicated to His Highness William Duke of Glocester

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Decorative map of China, Tartary, Japan, Central Asia, etc. at the beginning of the 18th Century. Includes the mythical land bridge to America, the Island of Formosa or Bell Island, and other interesting details. This map was part of an atlas...


1707 - Kaart van Tartaryen Vogens de Voyagien door Johan du Plan Carpin en Acelin Inde Iaaren 1246, 1247 ens.

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Detailed map of the region from the Caspian to Cathay, illustrating the earliest two Catholic Embassies to the courts of the Mongol Rulers. Giovanni da Pian del Carpine was one of the first Europeans to enter the Court of the Great Khan of the Mongol...


1719 - Carte Nouvelle de la Grande Tartarie ou L'Empire Du Cham . . .

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Decorative and detailed map showing Central Asia and the Tartary, from Chatelain's monumental 7 volume Atlas Historique. The map extends from Nova Semla in the northwest towards northern China and the peninsula of Korea in the southwest of the map....


1730 - et des Rojaumes de Corée et de Japan

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Fine example of the Homann Heir map of Korea, Japan, Manchuria and easternmost Russia, published in Nuremberg. The map is the eastern sheet of a pair of maps published by the Homann Heirs showing China, Korea, Tartaria, Japan, etc. The Kingdom of...


1730 - Geographica Nova . . . Mare Caspium altera Kamtzadaliam seu Terram Jedso curiose exhibet . . .

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Decorative pair of antique engraved maps on one sheet, focusing on the Caspian Sea and Northeastern Russia and Kamtchatka. Includes an elaborate cartouche.


1732 - Onzieme Feuille particul de la Tartarie Chinoise qui contenant un Pays dependant de la Russie au Couchant de Niptchou

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Fine example of D'Anville's map of the region just north of Mongolia. Shows a number of rivers and a few settlements and the road from Niptchou or Nerzinskoi to Beijing, beginning in eastern part of the map. Decorative cartouche. In 1765, an...


1732 - Xe. feuille de la Tartarie Chinoise contenant le Pais de Ke-Tching l'embouchure du Saghalien- Oula dans la Mer Orientale, et la grande Isle qui est au dedans

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nFine example of D'Anville's map of the of the easternmost part of Chinese Tartary (now Sakhalin Island and Northeastern Russia). Shows roads, villages, mountains, rivers and other details. Decorative cartouche.


1735 - Carte des Isles du Japon Et des Costes de la Chine les plus voisines Avec les Terres qui en sont au Nord Decouverte et soumises par les Russiens Sous lenom de Pays Kamtschatka dont on ne connoissoit anciennement que la partie la plus prochure du Japon app

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Rare D'Anville Map of Northwest Pacific Showing the Discoveries of the First Kamchatka Expedition Fine example of this important early map of Kamchatka and Japan, showing the sea route of the First Kamchatka Expedition. It also details the fanciful...