Antique rare maps of Indonesia


1807 - Carte Generale de la Nouvelle Hollande et des Archipels Du Grand Ocean, qui sont au norde et a l'est de cette terre; Dressee, en 1807, Pour servir au Voyage du Contre-Amiral Bruny Dentrecasteaux, fait, Par Ordre du Gouvernement, en 1791, 1792 et 1793; P

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Rare Separately Issued Example of the Entrecasteaux-eautemps-Beaupre Chart of Australia, New Zealand, etc. Remarkable sea chart of Australia, New Zealand and contiguous regions, extending to Borneo, Mindanao and the Straits of Malacca. Unlike most...


1726 - [Sunda and Lilliput, etc. from Gulliver's Travels]

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Liliput and Sunda -- From Gulliver's Travels Lilliput is an island nation to the southwest of Sumatra and the Sunda Straits, discovered in 1699 by Lemuel Gulliver, a surgeon on a merchant ship that was shipwrecked on the island. The inhabitants are...


1478 - Undecima Asiae Tabula (Southeast Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, India etc.)

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of Southeast Asia, India, etc. Important early map of the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia, first published in the 1478 Rome edition of Ptolemy's Geography, Claudii Ptholomei Alexandrini. Cosmographia..., created under the...


1675 - Orientaliora Indiarum Orientalium cum Insulis Adjacentibus a Promontorio C. Comori ad Iapan -- Pascaert van t' Ooster gedeelte van Oost Indien van C. Comorin tot Iapan

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An Important Early Dutch Sea-Chart of Australia, the East Indies and Eastern Part of the Indian Ocean. Stunning original color example of De Wit's map of Australia, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, etc., first issued in 1675. The chart is...


1845 - Kaart der Nederlansche Bezittingen ben Oosten en ten Westen der Kaap de Goede Hoop.

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Interesting Map of the Dutch Colonies. The map consists of 5 separate maps, entitled: The Caribbean Islands Curacao and Dependencies The Suriname Colony The Coast of Guinea in Africa East Indies The map appeared in Nieuwe Atlas van het...


1561 - Il Disegno Della Terza Parte Dell' Asia

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First State of the Most Influential Map of Eastern Asia Published in the Sixteenth Century Rare and highly influential map of India, China, and Southeast Asia by Giacomo Gastaldi, one of the most celebrated Italian cartographers of the sixteenth...


1665 - Tabula Geographica Hydrophylacium Asiae Majoris exhibens, quo Omnia Flumina sive proxime sive remote per occultos maeandros Originem suam Sortiuntur

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Fine, Distinctive Map of Asia by Polymath Athanasius Kircher Fascinating map of Asia, illustrating the theories of the Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher, from his Mundus Subterraneus. It was one of the earliest thematic maps. This very unusual map...


1596 - Exacta & Accurata Delineatio cum Orarum Maritimarum tum etjam locorum terrestrium quae in Regionibus China, Cauchinchina, Camboja sive Champa, Syao, Malacca, Arracan & Pegu . . .

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Linschoten's Important Regional Map of China and Southeast Asia Splendid, ornate, sixteenth-century map of China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, the Straits of Malacca, Borneo, Java, and Beach, engraved by Henricus Van Langren for...


1601 - Descripcion De Las Indias Del Poniente

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The First Spanish Map of Southeast Asia and The Philippines Fine example of this rare map of China, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, etc., which first appeared in Herrera's Descripcion de las Indias Ocidentales, first published in Madrid in 1601. The...


1638 - India Orientalis et Insulae Adiecentes (with early discoveries in Western Australia)

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Southeast Asia with an Early Depiction of Northwestern Australia Based on Gerrit Frederikszoon de Witt's Discoveries in 1628 Scarce decorative map of Southeast Asia, China, India, the Philippines and western Oceana, along with the newly discovered...


1705 - Carte Des Indes et de la Chine Dressee sur plusieurs Relations particulieres Rectifees par quelques Observations Par Guillaume De L'Isle de l'Academie Royale des Sciences . . . 1705

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De L’Isle’s Detailed Map of Eastern Asia Updated example this noteworthy map of East Asia and the Indian subcontinent published by France’s foremost eighteenth-century cartographer, Guillaume De L’Isle. The map was foundational; it was...


1720 - Carte Des Indes et de la Chine Dressee sur plusieurs Relations particulieres Rectifees par quelques Observations Par Guillaume De L'Isle de l'Academie Royale des Sciences . . .

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Fine, Detailed Map of Eastern Asia Notable example of this meticulously-drawn map of East Asia and the Indian subcontinent published in Amsterdam. The map is based upon the earlier work of the famed geographer Guillaume De L'Isle. It covers much of...


1770 - East Indies Drawn from the latest and best Authorities, By Thos Kitchin Hydrographer to his Majesty

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Decorative map of China, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and India, published in Guthrie's New Geographical Grammar.


1786 - Zweiter Theil der Karte von Asien, welcher China, Einen Theil der Tartarei, Indien Jenseits des Ganges, die Inseln Sumatra, Iava, Borneo, Moluken, Philippinen, und Iapon enthaelt. . . MDCCLXXXVI

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Detailed map of East Asia, extending from China and Korea to Java, published in Vienna in 1786. The map is centered on the Philippine Islands and provides a nice detailed overview of the region.


1802 - [Greek Map of Philippines, Southeast Asia, China, etc.] Πίναξ γεώγραφικος της Ασιας (Pinax geographikos tis Asias)

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The present map is one sheet of a 4 sheet Greek language map of Asia, published in Vienna by Anthimos Gazi in 1802. The map is one of at least 4 maps created by Gazis in Vienna, as part of an effort to educate the Greek populous. Other maps include 4...


1845 - South Eastern Asia Birmah - China - Japan [and Philippines]

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Interesting regional map of Southeast Asia and the Philippines. Hong Kong Island is noted, as is Singapore and a separate Malacca. Nice detail in the Philippines.